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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Democrat Party Fight Is Exclusively For Immigrants, Foreigners And Globalization Under A Communist World Government

Immigrants To Communism Started Decades Ago And Now Is Refined

Written By James Allan | 6-14-2017

Can you even believe that for decades politicians and business leaders have fully protected immigrants and tossed U.S. Citizens to the side of the road as if they were trash? The once rising sporadic wealth of U.S. Citizens has completely been given to immigrants and sent over to foreign countries. Black education has been neglected to the point they murder themselves to be the black power over other blacks because immigrants have been let into the U.S. to no end? Even the left wing democrat party white U.S. Citizens who let the blacks be neglected and stay in poverty blame other white U.S. Citizens for the poverty of blacks all to protect immigrants. All this mayhem and poverty building up in U.S. Citizen communities is just to keep and protect immigrants? 

It's the libertarian republican rinos that scream "People Should Be Able To Walk The World Freely" so the democrat communists have an ally in the republican party. Many confuse this as being a democrat thing but it's not. The democrats are out for "Global Communism With No Borders" and the libertarian republican rinos are for "No Borders To Increase Business Profits Though Low Wages". Whenever you hear the words, "Sheeple" and "Duopoly" you have a libertarian. The libertarians are all for destroying both the democrat and republican party's. They want to return to a 1776 "1" party system and ways. 

Blacks are the biggest barkers of being oppressed but now a days all U.S. Citizens black and white are being oppressed through massive immigration. How can the oppressed black U.S. Citizens rise above the oppression when they keep voting into office the democrats that keep them oppressed through immigration?

If you take a look at the centuries of labor in the U.S. you will find out that oppression doesn't always come from skin color but in fact comes from the wealthy out to keep anybody they can from creating competition through financial means and an over abundance of labor for them. A labor shortage means business has to pay out higher wages and the wealthy want to keep the profits coming in from cheap labor.

Slavery; Sure, blacks were oppressed after they were set free but their were many blacks that succeeded in the U.S. economy because they assimilated into U.S. culture well and managed their finances sucessfully. In fact, the first black slave owner was a black man named Anthony Johnson who was extremely wealthy. Thoughout the south there were hoards of successful black land owners.

Whites were also subjected to oppression and many times oppressed blacks and whites banded together and attacked the class of wealthy against low wages and high consumer prices business owners installed. 

Blacks made themselves a population source that could be used for cheap labor because they had a higher rate of mismanaging their indentured servant payouts. Some times towns were burnt down just as they are being burnt down today in riots by blacks. Even before slavery existed in the British colonies long before the United States became it's own country and slavery existed the blacks that were released from their indentured employment contracts (blacks and whites offered themselves up under contract to butler for the rich with the promise of land and/or money at the end of the contract) and collected what was promised to them in the way of land or cash would spend it all instead of investing it. After the contract ended and the indentured servants were payed what they were owed most would spend it all, become poor again then attack and burn towns down in protest.

The "British Colonies" were upset that blacks whom came to the colonies through "Indentured Servant Contracts" were not taking their payouts and going back to their home countries. They spent all their indentured servant payouts, became impoverished and burnt towns down. The British colony governors decided to ship them back home. Blacks that did not want to go back, "Offered Themselves Up As Slaves To Other Wealthy Black Men" and so slavery had begun. Whites didn't want their products to be undercut by cheap slave labor the wealthy black slave owners had so whites grabbed some slaves also and slavery took off.  

The wealthy like these poor people of any color because they have to work for low wages to keep themselves and their families with food on the table. Cheap labor makes for more profit and most likely one of the largest profit producers right under the products themselves. As long as the wealthy can lock any group of people into working for whatever the wealthy are paying they will.

Labor Unions; Another look at a revolt against low wages and high consumer prices was the forming of labor unions which started to form in the late 1880's by whites who were forced to work for low wages because of all the immigrants European and Asian. Yes, even back in the late 1800's wealthy business owners were herding Chinese and European immigrants into the U.S. because they as immigrants were willing to work for low wages. U.S. Citizens complained about immigrants lowering wages back then as they are doing now but when business and government teamed up to feed their own wants the U.S. Citizen losses. Labor Unions started to form in response to the low wages.

All over the world in or around the 1870's or so people were rising up in labor groups protesting oppression because of profit taking. Governments and business were in lock step with each other and still are to this day. People started to take up the thought of, "Communism", "Socialism", "Progressivism"  and "Marxism" which are all the same monster just under different names.

Progressivism started to form in the U.S. as "Labor Unions" with the thought of a communist government by democrat liberals. They even made "Labor Unions" law. The only problem was the U.S. Italian Mafia moved into the labor unions and pushed out the progressive communists for a few decades. 

At the end of World War 2 president Roosevelt in his last term picked a "Communist Vice President". After World War 2 the U.S. government allowed massive unrestricted immigration from Russia to keep labor cheap while U.S. troops coming home were having a hell of a time finding work. The Russian immigrants were of course "Communist" minded and flocked to the labor unions run by the Italian Mafia. Big mess the democrat government made to keep immigrants coming in for cheap labor.

After the communists had taken over labor unions the communist democrats increased the power of the labor unions by allowing uncontrollable massive immigration to push more people into the labor unions for higher wages. Up until our present day "Union Houses" were law and the communist labor unions were taking control of businesses and manufacturing. In our present day "Right To Work" states are appearing outlawing the "Union Houses". An employee can still join a labor union at their place of employment but there's "No Vote" to make the businesses "Union Only" employment places or "Union Houses".

In the 1950's communism exploded into a viable political movement through the labor unions and in the 1960's communism took control of the U.S. democrat party. U.S. Citizens did have some luck when the republicans got a law passed that outlaws communist from running and holding elected public offices.


Today; Right now in this day and age it's foreign immigrants coming into the U.S. legal and illegally and are being used to keep wages to employees low and business profits high. With the increase in business in the U.S. comes a need for employees to do the labor and if a business cannot find an engineered class of low wage workers they have to pay more to get the labor. Business and politicians have turned to massive immigration to keep wages low, profits high and a leash on U.S. Citizen wealth to restrict competition.

I've heard just about every lame excuse from libertarian republican rino business communists and democrat liberal globalization communist politicians that are protecting foreigners and not protecting U.S. Citizens and it's like an alternate universe they get you to believe and live in.

I call libertarian republican rino business communists because they believe business should be running the U.S. and "No Borders" creates more business which is a complete falsehood due to the fact "No Borders" means there's less money though lowered wages in the pockets of U.S. Citizens to spend and economic failure always happens. Either which political group you pick libertarian republican rino or democrat liberal communist, "It's All Communism" and creates economic failure.

This is the way the democrat communists decide who they are going to vote for:

* Democrats created slavery and after the slaves were freed by republicans they were oppressed though the democrat "Jim Crow" law. Blacks still vote for the democrats?

* Labor Unions were formed because of low wages caused by massive immigration created by the democrats. Democrats still to this day allow massive wage lowering immigration. Labor Unions and U.S. citizens that protest low wages, "Vote for democrats"?

* Democrats flood the U.S. with muslims. Homosexuals are hated by muslims. Muslims vow to kill homosexuals and do kill them everyday. Homosexuals vote for democrats? 

Anyway you look at economic depressions and low wages it's always profit taking through businesses fueled by politicians. They always say they are fighting for U.S. Citizens but when you finally step out of the alternate reality they put you in with their group think driven lies you find out it's politicians and business in lockstep oppressing anyone they can to keep wages low and their profits high. Doesn't matter what your skin color is or what you believe, if they can get you to work for them at what they want to pay you all is correct in the minds of the self appointed them.

In the charts below can anyone see the difference in immigration and federal spending? The top chart is immigration and the bottom chart is federal spending. I marked the years in "RED" on the charts starting from "1970" through "2010" where the federal spending chart cuts off. 
On the top immigration chart the early 1900's experienced a high immigration surge also but back then when you came to the U.S. you worked or went back. There was very little welfare. It's from the late 1960's on when welfare became expanded, civil rights laws were enacted and immigrants started to pour over the border. I started at 1970 because it correlates exactly when welfare was expanded, immigrants started pouring into the U.S. and federal spending started climbing uncontrollably, 
Again, before the 1970's there were huge immigration surges brought on by the U.S. democrat party to keep wages low but the federal government never supplied a penny in federal aid or help to immigrants legal or illegal aliens until the late 1960's. 

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