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Friday, July 22, 2016

Bill O'Reilly Upstaged Laura Ingraham's RNC Convention Speech To Lower Her And Elevate Himself

Laura Ingraham Gets Serious On The RNC Convention Stage

As we try to make the United States great again Bill O'Reilly practices self absorbed media with no concern for others but only for "Making Bill O'Reilly Great Again"

Above Is The C-Span Video Of Laura Ingraham's Speech Bill O'Reilly Upstaged

That really pissed me off to no end when "Bill O'Reilly" upstaged Laura Ingraham after she came onto the convention stage and started her speech then cut her off in the middle just so he could get his face in front of the convention audience and be the "Big Man" tossing around his B.S. with Dennis Miller. When Laura Ingraham was speaking nobody cared about seeing Bill O'Reilly's fck'in mug jabbering about crap that could have waited until another day!

The convention crowd, "All Of Them" stood to their feet when Laura Ingraham walked onto the stage and they cheered her on like she was Donald Trump. Laura Ingraham was only second in audience attention and cheer to Donald Trump. Then you fck'in cut her off you dumb ass 20 million dollar a year Bill O'Reilly bozo! You really deserve this beat down for what you did to one of your "Fox News Own". I know another Fox News personality I admire your tongue got slippery with and I almost came after you for that but figured it was just normal everyday employee sniping so I let it go.  Any other anchor would have let the Laura Ingraham's speech run through its entirety but no, "Not You" Bill O'Reilly. You just had to get your dumb arse out in front of Laura Ingraham because you want to be "King" and can't stand anyone else besting you.

I picked up on Bill O'Reilly upstaging Laura Ingraham right away because as other speakers that were not very popular came on the stage to take their turn Fox News never broadcast a single word of their speeches let alone even put a camera on them. When Laura Ingraham came on stage the Fox News cameras were fully concentrated on her and her speech was being broadcast breaking the normal cycle Fox News was doing for speeches going to be aired and not aired. 

As I stated the crowds were all fired up when Laura Ingraham took the stage and her speech was being broadcast with full camera attention. Then half way through Laura Ingraham's speech was cut off and Bill O'Reilly came on talking about a "BUNCH OF BULLSHIT". I was asking myself why did Bill O'Reilly cut Laura Ingraham off like that? Especially when the audience were on their feet shouting, "Laura, Laura, Laura" and cheering? Why was Laura Ingraham aired if not scheduled to be aired and not set aside like all the other non aired speakers not to be broadcast if Fox News had no intention of airing Laura Ingraham's speech?  

I took a few days and finally came to the conclusion Bill O'Reilly cut Laura off on purpose just to draw attention to himself because his ego can't fit fully into the Fox News Room if there's someone that's topping him. Bill O'Reilly's ego is so damn big people are getting pushed off the planet because his ego consumes large amounts of space. Laura Ingraham's speech was scheduled to be aired or Fox News would have "NEVER" broadcast "ANY" of Laura Ingraham's speech or given her any camera attention. Not even one word would have been aired! Bill O'Reilly intentionally cut Laura Ingraham off to lower her and elevate himself.   

Fox News had one of their own up on the RNC convention stage that was a "BIG DEAL" and Bill O'Reilly just blew Laura Ingraham off like she was his underling. Laura just may have been a Fox News contributor and fill in anchor but she's a republican Tea Party star and leader and she should have been given the full respect as a Fox News personality since she always gets employeed by the anchors to guest their shows and boost their ratings with someone millions watch. Laura Ingraham isn't one of those democrat contributor idiots Bill O'Reilly likes. Laura Ingraham is "One Of Fox News's Own As Someone That Makes Fox News Work".

Sure, I'm really pissed because I was really getting into Laura Ingrahams speech and when Bill O'Reilly cut her off that really blew my mind to no end. Bill O'Reilly deserves the ass hate and I'm going to push his head deep into the ass hat for this one and a past incident to someone else I like that was uncalled for.

In essence Bill O'Reilly preaches thought that will attract an audience but not for the purpose of respectful journalism but only to feed his self absorbed ego.

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