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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ben Carson Picks Up Black Voters From Democrats And Carly Fiorina Backers Flee

Carly Fiorina's September surge was fueled by a boost in moderate conservatives, liberal Republicans and some white evangelicals, but now she has dropped back to low single digits among those groups. (Associated Press)

Ben Carson's surge in the polls that almost is putting him in front of Donald Trump comes from blacks of the democratic party. Ben Carson also has been pandering to Hispanics stating publically that he will give Hispanics "Legal Status" and a possible pathway to citizenship. The libertarians are flocking to Ben Carson also. The libertarian party is split between Ben Carson And Ted Cruz leaving Rand Paul hanging out in the wind.

For all that wonder how Ben Carson could be
catching up to Donald Trump, well, this is it. A lot of black U.S. citizens are indeed backing Donald Trump for jobs and prosperity but hoards of black power U.S. citizens that don't have the "Uncle Tom" mindset are jumping over from the democratic party to Ben Carson because of skin. Just goes to show most of the black U.S. citizens still could care less about "Working" or they would be backing an anti illegal alien candidate that would bring jobs and economic prosperity to their areas of residence instead of "More" illegal aliens that take their jobs and sell them the drugs to sell. I guess the easy money for a good part of the so called "Black Community" is to get the drugs from El Chapo and his army of illegal aliens then sell the drugs to children. Of coarse a little jail time here and there is all part of the way to riches selling drugs.

I've never heard Carly Fiorina state her stance on illegal aliens. Maybe this is why? Her financial backers left her and most likely are all illegal alien advocates so maybe she had to keep her trap shut to keep them. Carly has her haters of coarse but most of what her haters hate is "False" and not true. She stated she's going to make a big comeback but, "When?". After her backers that left get all cozy with Ben Carson, Then "Wham", "Ben Carson falls to the bottom under Jeb after Carly drives a stake in his heart with words us voters love to here? What big statement is she going to make to "Pop To The Top" and take Ben Carson out of the prized second place spot that challenges Donald Trump? Carly Fiorina does great in the debates but she's kinda silent about her stance on immigration. If you want to be president of the U.S. you have to be close to the top if not on top. Carly Fiorina would start crawling to the top and drag Ben Carson down some if she would release her plan to "Get Rid Of The Illegal Aliens". Carly would be a tough U.S. President for sure.

I like Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum. I would like Ben Carson also if he wasn't a big "Amnesty" queen. We'll see about Carly. Rick Santorum is the only other to come out against illegal aliens. I'll stick with Donald Trump to be president as long as Donald Trump keeps forging forward and pushing to get the presidency. But second place is a race to take notes on :)

Washington Times: Fiorina Backers Flee To Ben Carson

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