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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Barack Obama Creates Domestic Terrorism Squads To Go After "White" U.S. Citizens Only

Well, "All Your Fears Are Finally Here" and the so holyist of the "Gods Of Government" are enacting their planned last stand to inact communism on anybody who rejects communism. Yes, if the
2016 election didn't go the way of communism and they couldn't cheat their way into a 2016 victory as they did in 2012 the last resort of force to quite the outbreak of us will be stomped on. I have looked at "Jade Helm 15" as the intentional flooding of the U.S. with immigrants but this act against U.S. citizens could be to stop well known "Tea Party" groups with large followings and large voices from spreading the word like Paul Revere to democratic strong holds. Either way, "Commibama Squads Are Coming".

What? Isn't this the job of the F.B.I. and homeland security? Why does our bloated federal government need a special law enforcement agency to target and run down "White People" alone as reported by CNN?

The big key note giveaway of this new commibama strategy is the targeting of "White People" only. Our communist U.S. government keeps saying that "White Extremists" kill more people in the U.S. than foreign terrorists to instill in the minds of the uneducated that "White People" are the problem in the world. Hey, there's a huge percentage of the U.S. population that is communist minded and have mixed in with the democratic liberals. This is why Bernie Sanders pulls huge crowds.

What the communist progressive democrats are not saying is that "Black and Hispanics" kill more people in the U.S. than both the so called "White Extremists" and "Foreign Terrorists" in the U.S. combined. But of coarse the communist democrats can't be taking this into consideration because "White People" alone are the targets. The fact of the matter is if you take away the "Black Killings" the illegal and legal Hispanics take the whole prize alone of the most killings in the U.S.. If you removed all of the illegal alien Hispanics the crime rate in the U.S. would fall a whopping 67%. Yes there are sociopath whites doing mass shootings but there are more sociopath blacks killing each other and doing their suicide runs on police officers. Also under reported are the mass homicides being done by Hispanics that go unannounced as tragedy's.

This is pure "Racism" by the U.S. government backed by of coarse the "White Communist Progressive Democrats" who have no concern for anything else but overwhelming U.S. society with immigrants legal and illegal and making the U.S. a communist state aligned with Russia and china. This is fully apparent now with all the push going against white people alone.

Crime is one issue that should be targeted as a whole of the U.S. population without race as a factor but it isn't. Crime can be targeted by area without race as a factor but it isn't. ONLY Tea Party whites are targeted and this is "Racism" at its best being used as a mask by the communist party U.S.A. to end capitalism.    

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