"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rino Luster Fade And The Tears Of A Whiny Bush Clown

The clowns that consume us in their own interest and expect us to heed to their upper class takings of wealth and power is on the decline. The "Tea Party" gets no regards and only a cloud to keep the uprising down and the supporters of the "Tea Party" off the same page. With voices of us on the rise the clowns of authority are forced to rebel against the wants of us to save themselves. As a formidable force that is getting out of the control of the clowns the U.S. will change back to, "We The People Of Intelligence".

Hat In Ring 8/23/2015

It's not about the destruction of the GOP but just a change of guard. When your political party base goes against your management of the vote that controls the lives of U.S. citizens then politicians that
are not fulfilling the expectations of its political base must give way to politicians that are more apt to use the vote to make a better statement for the people that the vote serves.

They are called "Bushies" now as they support all things that go along with the name "Bush". There were 2 Bush's before the current Bush and as the former Bush's pass into the closed pages the present Bush is about to have his leaves stripped due to the fact that as each Bush comes to be they constantly get worse. Jeb Bush is by far the worst of the 3 Bush's but he doesn't think so as he flounders under the "Tea Party" republican base that found someone to Trump Bush that just happens to be named, "Trump".

Bombastic is Trump you say? Doesn't any of the republican party leadership know that the republican base is all "Bombastic"? Why should a Bombastic republican party base have such a whiny leadership that has to turn to the opposition for guidance when they want a leadership that stands up to the opposition when the opposition makes the earning potential that creates a good life so difficult? Is it because the whiny establishment republican leadership that rejects a communist government want instead a corporate government? What's so mushy about the whiny republican leadership is there isn't to much of a difference between a full communism government and a full corporate government. The only difference is a communist government owns the corporations outright, the corporation government uses imbecile's as a puppets to masquerade as government.

I've heard several times in the media a complaint from the now republican leadership about how the GOP is getting destroyed by Donald Trump. If the republican leadership was so great as they know they are they would go crawl into their corner and curl up and shed the tears of a clown because they have no more tricks to embellish onto the republican base that use to fight for them but now is grabbing up Chinese made broom handles to stuff up their personal place where no sun shines. If your gonna play with peoples lives in politics it's a must that you have a political base that will fight for you. When the people that fight for you find out they are the ones that are getting lead by the opposition through you, well, it's a good thing you aren't so bright as you think you are because your downfall will be less stressful and you won't need as many meds from your shrink as you slowly disintegrate into the mattress full of cash that you got from insider trading through the government entity nobody caught you doing. All that cash may be of some comfort but when millions of your supporters find out you have soured them through the decades it will only pay for the barrier you will need to shut out the world.

As they say, "Cry little Clown" because the laugh you display to the people that trusted you will eventually fade into the "Tears Of The Clown You Are Forced To Become" in your own silent world surrounded by the people you pay.

The happiness of Bush comes from another country but that doesn't mean Bush's happiness is our happiness. Should we accept what makes our republican leadership happy and just roll over? No! We elected our republican leadership to bring happiness to us and fight whenever they can to make sure we at least get the opportunity to enjoy the same financial and personal freedoms they've come to enjoy. We the "Tea Party" republican base need all the immigrants gone to perk up job opportunities and wages through a natural demand for employee's but instead we get more immigrants that have absolutely no business being in the U.S.

In closing, libertarians are for businesses running the U.S. and no borders. Libertarians have infected our beloved political party to the point they have become republican leaders in congress that fire the true conservatives from key congressional committees if they go against the grain. This control of congress is so massive through unused donations to political candidates it's ridiculous. Yes, unused donations get redistributed to the candidates of their choice with the same political mindset and not yours. This unused cash is the vehicle to spread lies and untruthful information over and over again until you believe it. If you talk "More Of The Same" it's a must to add in these unused political donations because that's what you are getting fead, "More Of The Same" to keep the corporate political machine going.

Hat In Ring] 8/23/2015 Read Article On Unused Donations Article Here: http://teapartywhitehouse.proboards.com/thread/1023/truth-campaign-donations-business-lobbying" Unused Political Donation Use