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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Establishment Republicans On The Attack Against The Tea Party Through Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump on Thursday at a news conference at the Trump Tower in New York.

Yeah! The fck'in rinos will fight but they won't fight for us! The rinos are set and ready to fight against us until they drip the last drop of their blood in the heat of battle. Their battle is to stop the rise of the "Tea Party". It's not Donald Trump they are directly after. It's the "Tea Party" values the establishment republican attack is against. These treasonous rinos won't even take up the fight against the communist progressives or floods of illegal immigrants that are bringing the U.S. economy to its knees. The rinos are of the opinion of the democratic progressive communists on to many issues for
their own well being and not the well being of U.S. citizens.  

This election in 2016 is not only about getting a person that represents "Tea Party" values into the presidency but also identifying all the rinos in the House Of Representatives and ridding congress of as many of them as possible with direct attacks on their districts as Laura Ingraham did with Eric Cantor. I have a list of senate rinos ready to go but the House will take lots of "Tea Party" participation.

It's of the ute most importance that U.S. citizens gain a lot of victories in the 2016 congressional elections as well as electing a president that holds "Tea Party" values. The president we elect can set the tone but can't do it alone if congress is full of establishment republicans that cuddle up with warped progressive democrat thought. No matter what kind of cash business pumps into our elections it's up to us to let business know that the millions of dollars they spent to keep politicians that conform to their profit taking is wasted money and they could have kept the wasted cash to give their employees raises.

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