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Monday, August 24, 2015

A New Speculation Twist On The JFK Assassination In 1963

Before I get to the point of this article I added a lot of history so readers could have a better understanding of what could be the real reason John F. Kennedy was killed.

I did watch the Bill O'Reilly National Geographic movie on the John F. Kennedy assassination and compared it to the progressive communist democratic party

of today. I did this comparison because I knew back in the early 1950's the communists were in the process of infiltrating the democratic party. I also know that the democratic party created the Jim Crow laws against black people in the 1800's after the civil war ended and the republicans did all they could to end the Jim Crow laws throughout the years. In 1967 the democratic party decided to end the Jim Crow laws and of coarse with the republicans wanting the Jim Crow laws to be ended for well over 80 years it was finally done but the democrats got credit for ending the Jim Crow laws. This play by the democrats to end the Jim Crow laws was found out to be a ploy by the communists that had infiltrated into the democratic party to move blacks away from voting for republicans and to vote for democrats. This ploy by the communist democratic party worked and worked well. The comparison between the communist party of the 1950's and today's democratic communist party appear to be the, "Same Pair of Shoes".

In the 1950's the "Red Scare" was taking over the U.S. and anyone with communist ties were booted out of their jobs and blacklisted from Hollywood. Henry Wallace was the vice president under Franklin Roosevelt in the early 1940's. In 1948 Henry Wallace ran for the presidency as the "Progressive Party" candidate the with the same communist ideology being installed by today's Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Henry Wallace lost the 1948 election and when he ran for the presidency again in future years it was found out Henry Wallace was taking huge campaign donations from the "Communist Party U.S.A." and when he was asked to denounce the Communist Party U.S.A. and give back the donations he would not do it. The attack on the 1950's communist party did not kill them off. The communist party of the 1950's never died and regrouped to emerge again and again but in the darkness of the public eyes.

I already knew that the communist takeover of the democratic party was in the late 1940's when massive immigration from Russia was ongoing after WWII to the early 1970's when massive race protests against the republicans and the influx of drugs were happening. Both the racial protests and imported drugs were driven by the communist democrats to lay the blame on the republican party. That worked well also because the dumb republicans never fight back. Republicans are so damn afraid of losing votes and looking like racists they don't fight back and just wait until U.S. citizens get pissed at the democrats. U.S. citizens lose trillions of dollars in personal wealth because the republicans use this "Wait" tactic instead of realizing what the strategy of the democratic communists are and fighting it.

Now John F. Kennedy wasn't popular at all until he started to flip flop halfway through his first and only term in office and only won his elected by a significant margin. Kennedy's election wasn't a blowout on the republicans at all. Kennedy was following his democratic party's ideology quietly because after the 1950's "Red Scare" the communist party U.S.A toned down their presence in U.S. society so they could continue on transforming the U.S. into a communist wonderland.

It's well know that Lee Harvey Oswald was a devote communist and if you connect Oswald to the "Communist Party U.S.A." the pieces will all fall into place. The "Communist Party U.S.A." was established in U.S. in 1919 soon after the, "Russian Revolution" in 1917 when Lenin came into power and overthrew the then Czar's under the guise of the, "Workers Party". Today's democratic communist party looks an awful lot like the second coming of the 1917 Russian workers party takeover and the line is thin between then and now with only the physical takeover of buildings and people missing. The communists in the U.S. takeover are getting elected, taking over large businesses and inserting communist minded people into the judicial system over decades after decades.

The communist party U.S.A. back in the very early 1960's was starting to call all the shots in the democratic party as many of our congressional leaders were elected communists. Today, most if not all of the democratic party is pumped up full of elected communists that do things against the constitution in the name of "Social". The conspiracy to kill Kennedy still holds true but the conspirators were elected U.S. officials in contact with the Communist Party U.S.A. and russian communist activists in the U.S.. It is well known that Franklin Roosevelt's vice president Henry Wallace was in constant contact with russian communists after he left his V.P. roll in the mid 1940's.

When U.S. citizens started to demand that Cuba not be allowed Russian missiles Kennedy had to act against the communist party U.S.A. and most likely Oswald was picked to "Kill Kennedy" since Oswald was working in a place he could do so. Jack Ruby may have been a "Hit Man" also and called upon to do so because Jack Ruby was in a position to get in and kill Oswald. Bill O'Reilly stated Jack Ruby left his dog in his locked car and why would Jack Ruby leave his dog in a locked car if Jack Ruby knew he wasn't going to return. My own theory is Jack Ruby knew after he shot Oswald that the police would impound his car and get the dog out. Jack Ruby may have brought his beloved dog to say his last goodbyes to his dog soon before he was going to be tossed into jail. Even in Bill O'Reilly's movie it shows Jack Ruby walking into the garage with his hand in his pocket where the gun was long before Jack Ruby got close enough to Oswald. Jack Ruby could have been a communist too and both Oswald and Ruby were called upon by the communist party U.S.A.to act because they were the ones in positions to do so and not picked at random and suddenly moved into positions to kill Kennedy. If the feds broke the weaker minded Oswald the communist party U.S.A. would be exposed so stronger minded communist Jack Ruby was sent in to kill Oswald. Nobody ever suspected Ruby to be communist so the feds never questioned Ruby about a communist conspiracy. Then the stronger minded Ruby just killed himself in jail. It all worked out for the communist party U.S.A..

I watched Bill O'Reilly's movie but came away with a slightly different outlook on the Kennedy assassination. In my own opinion Kennedy was assassinated because the communist party U.S.A. wanted to send a message that they called the shots or you will get shot. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all follow the constitution of the communist party U.S.A. and only waiver from it when the leadership of the communist party U.S.A. lets them for strategic purposes. John F. Kennedy may have been the "Last Constitutional Democrat" to hold the presidency. "Think About It".

If you look at the Kennedy assassination in the way I've written it all the pieces start to come together and the questions go away along with the rise of the communist party U.S.A..

Now the communist party U.S.A. has control of "All" the blacks, hispanics, gays, a lot of students, teachers, unions, communist minded white crackers and the whole democratic party.

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