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Friday, July 31, 2015

Barack Obama Is Allowing Communism To Spread Globally. Creating Global Communism Is The Ultimate Goal

Note from "Hat In Ring". This article is based on speculation. If anyone wants to wait for evidence or proof, "the United States will be communist by the time proof is gathered". Barack Obama and the democratic progressive communists only goal is to spread communism globally. You'll here some out of tune newscasters say Putin hates Obama but the reality of it is Barack Obama wants Russian communism to spread and is allowing it. The only way to head off the coming disaster of communism is to speculate and see if the scenario that's outlined in the speculation will work. In this case of Barack Obama and the democrats getting the U.S. to communism through a huge war with russia the scenario will indeed work in the speculation.

This Executive Order Barack Obama signed gives Obama the power to him and his communist staff to control manufacturing, labor, private business and all sorts of the economy beyond healthcare and he can bypass congress on most issues. Barack Obama just has to
start a big war. Barack Obama signed this executive order at or about the same time he announced he was going to reunite illegal alien families in the U.S. which is the ongoing border issue at this time.

This is the executive order commibama is going to implement communism with. Commibama just has to start a big ass war in Europe with russia that will constitute a so called, "National Emergency". Once the U.S. goes into this national emergency commibama will flood the U.S. with illegal aliens bypassing congress. Once national emergency measures are ongoing commibama will cement these emergency measures in and mess with the voting system since commibama will have control over healthcare and most economic resources in the U.S.. A big ass war with russia is all commibama and the democrats need.

Read Copy Of Executive Order Here:

Presidential Documents
Federal Register
Vol. 77, No. 56
Thursday, March 22, 2012
Title 3—
The President
Executive Order 13603 of March 16, 2012
National Defense Resources Preparedness


Pay attention to:
Part I, Section 103, Subsections C And D

Part II, Section 201, Subsection E

Part VI, All Of Part 6 Labor Requirements

Barack Obama Hands Off Command Of U.S. Forces In Europe To A German General So He Barack Obama Will Not Get Blamed For Starting This Massive War With Russia.
Army Times News Article

The question is, "Is This How Commibama Is Going To Get The U.S. Into A Fake War With Russia And His Pal Putin To Create A Labor Shortage In The U.S. So Commibama Can Make All Illegal Aliens Legal and overwhelm the U.S. with more Illegal Aliens".

Yes I do believe Commibama and Putin will do something like this because they both support muslims that like to sacrifice it's people for the greater good. I have no doubt Putin would intentionally kill off a few million people to justify the end results because the russian culture has done this in the past. I am speculating that commibama is willing to sacrifice just as many white people just to keep his illegal hispanic army in the U.S.. Hopefully I'm wrong but what a better way to start a major conflict to get the U.S. into an engineered war. Place major U.S. military assets under a german general and let the german general start the war. "THEN COMMIBAMA WILL SAY HE DIDN'T GET US INTO A WAR" then say we have to aid our friends in Europe.

In my own opinion commibama is going where nobody believes commibama will go. Kill massive amounts of U.S. citizens to create a labor shortage so he can flood the U.S. with more poor illegal aliens that will have tons of babies and rely on government for their existence. The russians, chinese, spanish and muslims have all done mass sacrifices of human beings to gain control over lands. Commibama and the communist democrats might be following the pattern of sacrifice to get to the end result of global communism.

Call me nuts but commibama isn't backing down so be looking for a grandiose plan to put down the republicans in the U.S., flood the U.S. with immigrants to get to communism at "Any" cost! The cost of U.S. lives will be forced Martyrdom (the suffering of death on account of adherence to a cause and especially to one's religious faith) by commibama in the name of global communism.

The Ukraine is a perfectly clear model for what happens when one country lets another countries people in without making the immigrants assimilate into the host countries culture. Ukraine allowed russian nationals to become citizens without assimilation and background checks. The russians filled Ukraine with russians that will fight the Ukraine army called separatists. This same scenario is playing out with mexico filling the U.S. with crap loads of it's mexican citizens so one day mexico can and will take over the U.S. southwest. The thing about the mexicans is they can't fight our military or even our civilian populations but they can take over whole towns and cities through mass immigration and already many southwest U.S. cities are 80% to 90% hispanic. They just need more hispanic representatives voted into the U.S. congress and that's without a doubt happening with Luis Guetarzza of IL fighting for his mexican people with the help of La Raza and Barack Obama.

ISIS is all Sunni's. Middle Eastern countries better put this Sunni and Shia in their back pockets or the whole western part of the middle east will be Sunni. ISIS will destroy all cultures in the middle east so the powers in the middle east better physically attack it or face destruction.

The United States doesn't want commibama running any war against anyone. Give the Kurds some weapons and tell middle east countries to fight it themselves or bend over for ISIS. The United States can wait two years until commibama's arse is down the road! I myself do not want troops sent off because the U.S. has crap loads of illegal aliens in the U.S. that need to be moved out and until the illegal aliens are all gone we will need to maintain maximum troop strength in the U.S. to defend ourselves if the illegal aliens get out of hand as they are starting to do with their demands.

Just do like Jeanine Pirro stated and bomb ISIS and give the Kurds guns. Hell, if it hadn't been for the rinos giving weapons to ISIS in syria ISIS would just have pee shooters. Myself and many others who were correct wanted the U.S. to stay away from Syria except for the chemical weapons and not assist any of them. This ISIS crisis is just like Libya and other middle eastern countries the U.S. has assisted. It's better to keep the government intact because the rebels are worse. Fck'in democrats and rinos never learn!

As for Russia in Europe, commibama just handed over command of U.S. european forces to a german general so commibama can fight his fake war with russia and claim he needs more labor in the U.S.. Before commibama did this he stripped our troops in europe of weapons. Why would commibama strip our troops of weapons then hand them over to a german general???? Don't need commibama killing our troops through a proxy war so he can claim he didn't get us into a war with russia as he's flooding the U.S. with crap loads of illegal immigrants.

What is the European Union for???? They just there to collect money and make a few people rich??? Screw the European Union! Europe can combine their armies to create a force large enough that will make the russians think three or four times before invading the Ukraine again! No need for U.S. troops or even weapons since European countries have all the weapons they need. No need for the U.S. to get involved. After Hitler if European countries are not on top of this issue with the russians and ready to react with physical force then they are the pussy whomps we've all come to know and dislike. Liberals and gays are never willing to die for anything, "They Just Tell Their Conquerors To Drop Their Draws".

Lets not let commibama fight any wars. Lets try to wait until commibama is gone for good and Trey Gowdy is elected into the presidency with Jeanine Pirro as V.P.. Then if we have to go in a fight a war which we don't want to do we will have the southern border secure, the illegal aliens gone and the smarts in the White House to go in with both barrels blazing and just kick the crap out of all the terrorists. Conservatives don't want war but if it's forced on us we want leadership that won't get our troops killed and won't need illegal aliens to get our troops the stuff they need to keep themselves safe and win.

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