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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bill And Hillary Clinton The Darlings That Are Really Duds

If you have this board game keep it. Someday a real collectors item

Bill And Hillary Clinton The Darlings That Are Really Duds

"ALERT" Libtard Hippies with a communist ideology take over the United States with the thought that U.S. citizens beneath them will be content living in poverty and taking direction from

them. These libtard hippies rally with the "Communist Party U.S.A." to make their dream come true promising plenty of drugs, gay and bisexual sex, free food and benefits to those that commit to their "New Communist" plan. The new communist plan for the U.S. contains laws to take all of your money to pay for anyone that can come across the border young or old, rich or poor. Their new communist plan for the U.S. is to push manufacturing and business overseas also because U.S. citizens are lucky to be in the U.S. under the communist hippie reign. The hippie communist plan will take all of the money nobody will be making to pay for all the people that are coming to the U.S. legally or illegally with no money. Plus, the U.S. government will be run out of their own home so these swingers can always stay naked, stoned and rubbing skin with as many people as they can stuff into their home. Hey, the elderly like rubbing skin with nice young tight skinned youngsters.

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