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Joe Biden is nobody's president. He was elected by government elites in the State
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This is a must read article. It appears Joe Biden maybe
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It's well known now that President Donald Trump was robbed of his second term in office by the well-maintained Democrat Party voter fraud machine. The Democrat party hangs on to California, New York, Illnois and several other states through this well oiled voter fraud machine and not by voter turnout for their candidates. This Democrat Party voter fraud machine will be activated again in this years 2022 midterm elections all over the United States and this is why the Democrats show no fear of losing The House and Senate completely. The question is will the Rinos in the Republican Party in states that had massive voter fraud happen against Donald Trump let the Communist Democrats do it again?

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Donald Trump And The Ukraine Investigation Dilemma Of Joe Biden's Quid Pro Quo

The Lure Of Technology That Should Not Be For Sale Is Sold To The Highest Bidder Whom Are United States Opponents

  Opinion Written In Response To The Article Posted On

Republican Party Base Article: Did Bill Clinton And Barack Obama Release Military Aircraft Technology To The Russians In 2001 and 2009

A Hobby Article Written By James Allan | 10-4-2019

I've listened to enough to come to a speculative conclusion about "Donald Trump's" impeachment. Actually I called the so called whistleblower a democrat plant when this issue first reared its ugly head. Actually the ugly head was Nanzi Pelosi but who looks at the "Medusa". The communist democrats election strategy is just to keep as much negativity out in public about "Donald Trump" as they can in hopes enough voters will be swayed by the massive amount of slander in the media.

As for Joe Biden's "Quid Pro Quo" concerning the fired Ukrainian investigator who was investigating the gas company Joe Biden's son was working for, "What Was The Ukrainian Investigator Investigating?". Corruption of course but what corruption? What was the trigger that launched the Ukrainian investigator to investigate this gas company Joe Biden's son was working for.

Follow the money and where's the money coming from? A foreign government owned gas company who has Joe Biden's son working on the "Board Of Directors" is questionable without a doubt? First of all, "The Gas Is Coming From Russia". As "Tucker Carlson" would say, "RUSSIA" out loud. Russian has about 8 huge gas pipelines crossing the border into Ukraine but maybe more. Once the gas pipelines are in Ukraine I read the Ukrainian government owns the pipeline system and the system is run by a company that's owned by the state but played off in public as private.

When I look at this situation of Joe Biden's son working on the board of directors for a foreign government owned company I wonder? I'm wondering also how much Russia is involved in this Ukrainian government controlled gas company. Remember, all the gas flowing through this Ukrainian government controlled company comes from "RUSSIA" so why wouldn't there be russian operatives allowed in this government owned gas company?

Where am I going with this article? "Bill Clinton" sold old U.S. military technology to russia and china to advance his fortune. Barack obama did exactly the same thing but wasn't able to cash in as much as bill clinton did due to pushback by the Republican party on income sources. Barack obama gave radical and communist governments many U.S. holdings either material or intellectual properties in the U.S. communist democrat party's political interest. Selling old U.S. military technology to hostile foreign governments for millions and even billions now is the U.S. communist democrat party way.

Did Bill Clinton And Barack Obama Release Military Aircraft Technology To The Russians In 2001 and 2009

Joe Biden's son in my personal speculation may has been funneling "Old U.S. Military Technology" to the russians through this Ukrainian government owned gas pipeline company? "Tell Me This Isn't So Joe!". Joe Biden's son may also have been selling the same "Old U.S. Military Technology" to china also. Just look at china's military equipment arsenal that are ALL exact duplicates of U.S. military equipment. Russian has the old U.S. military ground targeting system now. The U.S. doesn't use it anymore but how did russia get it to use against us? "The Democrats Have Been Selling Our Old U.S. Military Technology To Them". That's how they got it.

Russian and China have exact copies of the U.S. Raptor fighter jet now. Even though the russian and china versions of this advanced jet are just facial without the capabilities of the U.S. military Raptor fighter jet the aerodynamic body plans were most likely sold to them by the democrats. I do know for a fact that bill clinton sold the chinese the latch technology that opens the nose cones of missiles when it's time to release satellites or warheads so the same sales go on with other U.S. military technologies.

Flashback: Bill Clinton gave China missile technology

Timeline of the Cox Report controversy This controversy was about all the ballistic missile technology going to china during the clinton presidency.

* Who pays for nothing? which is Joe Biden's son.

* Who was paying for something through nothing?

* What was nothing selling to get paid something?

* Was the Ukrainian government paying to play and paying obama through biden for their aid?

* Why would anyone purchase a Biden? unless it was to access an obama

* What kind of corruption was the fired investigator investigating and why?

* What was the fired investigator investigating, "A Russia Connection"?

* Was the russian connection in the Ukrania government owned gas company a buyer of old U.S. military technology from a biden?

I do speculate that the Biden's were selling old U.S. military technology to russia and china since millions and billions were coming in from both in the same area of time. This treasonous activity is just what the communist democrats are all about as the people at AOC rallies get their taste buds ready for all those tender 9th month aborted babies.

Yeah sure! Ukraine was in a war with russia but the gas from russia was still flowing and some serious cash was moving through heavy hands "Under The Table" at this Ukrainian government owned gas pipeline company and we now know a "Biden" was at the center of it. China pays big time for U.S. military technology and bill clinton is a prime example of big pockets that suck cash into them faster than greased lightning. A Biden getting a cool billion from china means someone was willing to pay great amounts of cash for some old military technology that will bite the U.S. in the arse sometime soon in the future.

It's time for the democrat secret sales of our old military technology to foreign opponents be brought into the blinding light of reality and be seen by the U.S. Citizens that will be harmed by the technology that their tax dollars and U.S. government purchases helped fund.

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