"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Piddler's Drama Out Of The 2 Dimensional Minds Of The Democrat Party

The Troll Is Not The One Who's Truthful But Instead The One That Lies For A Purpose

Written By James Allan | 6-25-2017

The name "Troll" is typed as the popular word for someone of opposition entering a discussion thread of their opposition and making statements of opposition in an effort to interrupt the ongoing conversation that is in the public eye. A so called Troll always starts a war of words without a doubt leading to the conversation being of no interest anymore.

Monday, June 19, 2017

We Found The Fight, Acquired The Target And Engaged In The Battle To Win

Out Of The 1990's Ross Perot Reform Party We Emerged To Achieve Victory With Competent Leadership And A Truthful Narrative Of Reality

Written By James Allan | 6-19-2017

We as competent surrogates of the movement (Non Libertarian Tea Party) against corrupt politicians both democrat and libertarian republican lead by Donald Trump may never get the girl/boy, paid or individual public glory as our spokespersons receive but we have the satisfaction of knowing we as the force behind our spokespersons can with intelligent input from us alter the ways of politicians, the wealthy and media effectively.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Democrat Party Fight Is Exclusively For Immigrants, Foreigners And Globalization Under A Communist World Government

Immigrants To Communism Started Decades Ago And Now Is Refined

Written By James Allan | 6-14-2017

Can you even believe that for decades politicians and business leaders have fully protected immigrants and tossed U.S. Citizens to the side of the road as if they were trash? The once rising sporadic wealth of U.S. Citizens has completely been given to immigrants and sent over to foreign countries. Black education has been neglected to the point they murder themselves to be the black power over other blacks because immigrants have been let into the U.S. to no end? Even the left wing democrat party white U.S. Citizens who let the blacks be neglected and stay in poverty blame other white U.S. Citizens for the poverty of blacks all to protect immigrants. All this mayhem and poverty building up in U.S. Citizen communities is just to keep and protect immigrants? 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"BREAKING REALITY!" The Democrats Knew About Russian Hacking Long Before The 2016 Election Runs Even Started


As The Attempt Is Made By The Unworthy The Clarity Of The Truth Is Made Public

Speculation Written By James Allan | 6-12-2-17

The reality is if 17 government intelligence agencies knew that the Russians were attempting to hack into the voting system then obama knew about it also long before the Russian collusion story was rolled out. There's no, "It Remains To Be Seen" about it. The hacking into U.S. computer networks government and private has been steadily increasing and going on since barack obama was elected into the presidency for two terms because of a massive democrat voter fraud network. It's well known throughout the obama years that "Cyber Security" was seriously neglected.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Donald Trump And The James Comey Incident Revealed. My Personal Opinion


It's Already Known That James Comey Is A, "Never Trump" Activist

Speculation And Opinion Written By James Allan | 6-8-2017

Donald Trump meant this and Donald Trump meant that? Can any of the pundits let alone the government panel get this correct? Will I myself get this correct? This incident between Donald Trump and James Comey is just, "He Said He Said". Nobody was there except the two individuals. Billions of dollars will be spent as a runoff of the Hillary Clinton server scandal this issue is appearing to be. 

Donald Trump has some credible individuals to defend him but I'm going to toss my "Hat In The Ring" (A Boxing Term Too) and lend my credible support. All these billions of dollars being spent on investigations here and investigations there are all based on, "What Donald Trump Meant" that's taking billions of dollars to figure out.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lets Get The Immigration Debate Started, "Our Spearhead Will Be Bill Clinton's Own Words" of mass deportations in 1995


It's Time To Make Bill Clinton's Words The Focal Point Of The Immigration Debate

A Great Way To Get The Immigration Debate Going Is To Saturate The Internet With This Video. This Video Is Also On You Tube So Lets All Take Part And Put It In The Worlds Face.

Bill Clinton made this state of the union anti immigration speech because of the uprising of 1990's Ross Perot Reform Party which is now the non libertarian "Tea Party". Bill Clinton's second term was up and coming with Ross Perot's massive "Reform Party Movement" dogging ol Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton had to make this anti immigrant speech or most likely he would not have been re-elected.   

This video shows that the democrat party knew about the destruction that would happen to the U.S. economy and was already happening in 1995 if immigration wasn't reduced. It also proves that the democrat party knew further enhanced intentional immigration would destroy the U.S. economy to no end.

With this video we now have the proof that the intentional flooding of the U.S. with illegal aliens and legal immigrants was indeed intentional even though for the purpose of destroying the U.S. economy to the point of pushing U.S. Citizens into government dependency and a "Communist State". 

Written By James Allan | 6-5-2017

The illegal alien debate is on the horizon and it's going to be nasty especially when the "libertarian rino republicans" support amnesty and open borders and will try to block any legislation to remove them. There's already laws on the books to remove illegal aliens but getting the cash out of congress to let the laws work is another story. Getting further laws enacted that stiffens and updates the removal is a tall cliff to climb also.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

George Soros And The European Union Teamed Up With The U.S. Democrat Party To Influence U.S. Elections


George Soros Is The Go Between Connection Of The European Union With The U.S.Democrat Party To Make The United States A Subject Of Global Communism

Written By James Allan | 6-1-2017

I'd be weary of this information that is floating around now about a Soros crony infiltrating into the Trump administration. Of course someone connected to Soro's is a concern but what we seldom hear about is when the U.S. is using someone to penetrate an enemy organization. This woman may have been brought into the fold to advise McMaster on where the bodies are buried in the European Union.