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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton, The Revolving Door Millions Are Stuck In Without The Aptitude To See This


Crooked Hillary Clinton Does Like Women Just As Much As Bill Clinton Does

Article By James Allan | 5-28-2016

As we get behind the politician of our choosing then gripe about how bad government is some persons in the millions seem like they just are in the revolving door going around in a circle time and time again. The politicians do and say words that we want to hear but yet go against their spoken words when elected time and time again.

On the democratic side and the republican side all we get is a banana tossed at us voters time and time again and like hungry monkeys we all run to that banana in the cage the politicians build for us. Oh hail to the politician that delivers the banana we all prayed for so we can go around yet again in the revolving door and end up back in the place where we are craving another banana.

In the year Bill Clinton was elected was the start of a trend for U.S. citizens that keeps them going round and round chasing their tails. Mostly this trend is fueled by a U.S. government on the democratic side that has inserted the mindset of, "We Are For The People" as they inserted politicians that are in reality not for the people but instead for themselves and the communist ideology as they proceed with the destruction of capitalism.

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are prime examples of these secret communists thrust into leading government roles with the sole objective of changing capitalism to their brand of communism. Barack Obama showed himself to the voters as a stand up politician but is now seen as another politician in the Bill and Hillary Clinton communism camp. Bernie Sanders campaigns on a full communist agenda and can't be viewed as a sneaky communist rat but only as an at large communist rat running loose bringing out all the in closet communists.

Hillary Clinton, "Really!". Has the voting public that cheers Hillary Clinton on become that mentally ill? If you encounter any of these liberals that support Hillary Clinton all you will hear are words that are well crafted to move into a government that controls thought. You will hear from the liberals, "Homosexual", "Women's Rights", "Women's Pay", "Transgender", "Black People", "Hispanic People", "Racism", "Poverty" but when you look at these people issues closely you will find these are all people that lack the mental capacity to function in a society that requires mental output. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are their leaders so as it goes their followers flow to whom they identify with as to mental capacity.

There's a word that describes mental capacity and that word is, "Aptitude". You can be born with the aptitude to do well in certain areas of skill but you can also build your aptitude into any area of skill through education. Those who are to lazy to educate themselves and only concentrate on the social side of life always fail to build their aptitude and end up with a low mental capacity. In other words, "If all you do all your life is flip hamburgers for a fast food chain and have babies for welfare without further education over the years in fields that require skill for pay that's all your mental capacity and aptitude will ever be".

There are democrats that are well educated but they are for self and being in a power structure that lets their self command and control syndrome flourish over others and liberals are easy targets for these well educated democrats. Liberals and Libertarians are two different types of people. Libertarians are usually well educated in tech fields and business on the republican side and are out to destroy the two political party system and build a government completely controlled by business. The rest of the non libertarian republican party are well educated and want a government that, "Works For The Wealth Of U.S. Citizens" and wants a government that solves problems without the ideology of business and communism for "All" U.S. citizens as a whole.

Yes, the so called silent majority of the republican party base is now in the process of removing all the in the closet "Libertarian Business Communists" from the republican party but this will take some years if not a decade or so.

Hillary Clinton, "Really?". Hillary Clinton will preach jobs and she has to as Barack Obama did to get elected into the presidency. Will the jobs come? "NO!". All that will come with Hillary Clinton is more illegal aliens to take all of the skilled and unskilled jobs that haven't moved to foreign countries. This trend of jobs moving to foreign countries and immigrants taking what jobs are left in the U.S. has been the trend since Bill Clinton was elected into the presidency so why would anybody ever think this trend is going to stop with the presidency of Hillary Clinton? Liberalism can only survive under conservatism and when liberalism overtakes conservatism a failing society becomes reality.

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