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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Martin O'Malley Talks To Shannon Bream On Democratic Global Warming Hoax, "AKA Climate Change"

Martin O'Malley Talks To Shannon Bream On Global Warming, "AKA Climate Change"

I did not watch the democratic debate and I still honor the Fox News Boycott but I did watch the democratic debate follow up hosted by Shannon Bream after the democratic debate was over.

Martin O'Malley just had to get his mouth running about global warming "AKA Climate Change" and his mouth confirmed to me that the democratic issue of "Climate Change" is just a huge hoax on the United States public to push an agenda of expensive solar energy to satisfy the democratic environmentalist base voters. This is all the climate change push is about. Getting the U.S. to move towards solar energy and off fossil fuels and has, "NOTHING TO DO WITH CLIMATE CHANGE OR GLOBAL WARMING AT ALL".

Hell, even the republican Tea Party wants solar energy but the cost to produce the panels and get the panels installed would consume a households annual paycheck. Guess what? The democrats are lying to push the U.S. towards solar energy and in Nevada this was happening. A company named "Solar City" was installing the panels for "FREE" on homes then selling the energy back to Nevada Energy with substantial savings for home owners.

What happened though is "Nevada Energy" was sold to the progressive democrat communist "Warren Buffet". Warren Buffet started losing money due to all these "Free" solar panels being installed on Nevada rooftops by "Solar City" so Warren Buffet paid off the Nevada Legislature who increased the cost to home owners who have these rooftop solar panels and use solar energy. Nevada Energy was doing its best to slow down connecting the electricity being produced by the solar panels to its energy grid and news stories started popping up about it.

The democrats are trying to push for solar energy though lies about climate change and when it starts happening another wealthy democrat comes along and kills it. This routine where the democrats are pushing an issue then pushing an agenda to kill the issue they themselves are pushing keeps popping up all the time and goes unnoticed by the general public.

 Las Vegas Sun Article: Metering Cap Raised To Put Solar Energy Costs At Nevada Energy Prices

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