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Friday, August 29, 2014

Proof Illegal Immigration Is Engineered And Not By Chance

Proof Illegal Immigration Is Engineered And Not By Chance

There have always been mexicans crossing the U.S. southern border but since the progressive movement started in the 1880's illegal immigration has been growing. "Yes", the democrats did this back in the 1920's and caused the "Great Depression". The Great Depression originated in the U.S., after the fall in stock prices that
began around September 4, 1929. The same scenario happened with the banks and businesses catering to illegal aliens for profit. Loans and credit were given to illegal aliens back in the 1920's and massive defaults on the loans and credit occurred because illegal aliens just went back to mexico so they wouldn't have to pay the money back causing stock prices to collapse. The Great Depression happened. This is the same scenario that played out in the 2008 economic collapse. Home loans and credit was given to illegal immigrants by Bill Clinton and in 2007 illegal aliens with these home loans started to default on the loans on a massive scale and it caused the economy to collapse. The Great Depression was ended when the U.S. government cranked up the money printing presses and gave cities cash to purchase bus tickets for illegal aliens to go back to mexico or wherever they came from. No judges or due process was given to illegal aliens. The illegal aliens were told to get on the bus and go home or they would be picked up and deported by the government. The illegal aliens left in masses and the government stopped doing this when U.S. citizens started getting their jobs back and the economy picked up. The government never followed through to get rid of "All" the illegal aliens, "Just enough for the Great Depression to end".

Here's more than enough proof that illegal immigration and massive legal immigration is engineered. The most recent block of proof is when Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown the now governor of California stated publicly that all illegal aliens either here or on their way are all welcomed to stay in the U.S. without having to become "Legal". The now mexican president was at the ceremony that Jerry Brown stated this at. "Really!".

This is a photo of the book the mexican government has been giving illegal aliens since 2003 that were coming to the U.S. because of Bill Clinton's engineered plan to flood the U.S. with illegal aliens. George Bush was president in 2003 but is a rino republican that catered to big businesses wanting of cheap labor and never saw that all the illegal aliens coming over the border were engineered by Bill Clinton and the communist democrats.

Article By Newsmax: Mexico's Drive To Re-Colonize The U.S.

Earlier this year in 2014 it was discovered that thousands of illegal alien children were crossing the U.S. mexican border from central america. The mexican government is strict with illegal aliens and the over 60,000 illegal aliens that crossed mexico from central america to get to the U.S. without detection from the mexican government then kept quit by the obama administration is engineered and is a treasonous act by the democrats and barack obama. It's a big joke on U.S. citizens that now have to compete with all these illegal aliens intentionally brought into the U.S. government especially during a major economic depression where millions of U.S. citizens can't find work. U.S. citizens not only have to compete with the hundreds of thousands of the usual illegal aliens entering the U.S. each and every year but now they have to compete with thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens intentionally brought into the U.S. by the U.S. government. The democrats and barack obama even stopped deporting illegal aliens but the biggest kicker of this illegal alien issue is barack obama and the democrats have been letting criminal illegal aliens out of prison.

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