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Monday, September 7, 2015

Donald Trump A Bombastic We Need To Hulk Washington Politicians Out Of Their Patterns Of Groupieness

Donald Trump A Bombastic We Need To Hulk Washington Politicians Out Of Their Patterns Of Groupieness

Why are the hoards of all political parties bombing on the Bombastic Donald Trump when they are crying about how bad the present politicians are and have always been? They shed the tears of the
unpleased time and time again and when a person of status emerges they are as bombastic to him as he is to his opponents. Are these people with tears not wanting the promised change that they were informed of in the last elections or do they only want the change Barack Obama and the progressive communists democrats didn't tell them about during the elections? The promised change that was only to instill hope that was never given or the promised change that was instilled and only to be given by a future president after the voters that cry come to a sense of momentary reality.

Donald Trump has always voiced the same thoughts of the change we all want and need throughout his time in popularity and fame. The fact of the true Tea Party beginning from the years of Ross Perot's Reform Party goes to the proof of Donald Trump's mindset of his words concerning the repair of the United States. Donald Trump has sometimes wandered into the dark of the progressive democratic communist layer but if you could milk the cow that is milking the uneducated population would you not set your coarse to do the same? Yes, the progressive communist democrats are milking every dime, nickel and penny out of the ones with tears broadcasting the whiny tones of dissatisfaction with the way the United States has become only because they themselves voted in the people that were only out to milk them. Donald Trump just milked the milker's. He gave some to them and they gave more to him. Donald Trump is always bragging about how much he milked out of NBC and that does make me happy if not you too.

There's many great politicians on the republican side in congress but they are the microscopic minority that needs a trailblazer like Donald Trump to hulk through all the obstacles that keep other great politicians in the likeness of themselves out of congress. The establishment republican tricks and games of who has the most cash to bullshit the public is always the winner and the biggest obstacle in keeping people out of elected office that will do great things for the people that have to live under the elected persons vote. Donald Trump doesn't need the cash to pay for his election so he's not beholding to special interests and lobbyists after the fact. Many people want a bombastic hulk type to take the politicians in Washington D.C. and toss them to the wind as the wind blows to far away places or in the direction of other two faced lying politicians so they crash into each other. Maybe Donald Trump after he gets elected can indeed pave the way for more honest politicians to enter into the dome of congress and join the small league of other honest politicians already in the dome. Wouldn't that be a nice thing to happen in our lifetime.

I'm good with a "Trumpsville" that can collapse Washington D.C. as easily as a house of cards. We don't need anybody else that wasn't sure and went with what was then and when the people spoke to the support of the bombastic they shifted to what is now until the race is over and they revert back to what was then. When a candidate does his/her best to not be specific and gets elected by only voicing hope with a smooth tongue the house of cards will rise up again with the cash to protect it from being blown down again. In yesteryears it only took being well known, a smooth tongue and the support of some money trees to get elected to sing your song and do your dance not for the people you fooled but only for the money trees that let you pluck them so your own branches would grow out of your head sprouting plenty of cash.

Yes, the big corporate types are scary because they are purchasers of the lunkheads we have voted into office to tell us what we can and cannot do. You say because we voted in the lunkheads we are the real lunkheads and yes, that does have some validity to it but the real story is congress makes laws they don't have to follow and if we say no to them being purchased by corporations they just ignore us because they like being owned by business and we just keep voting them back into office because they give us so much hope that soon they will fix it. "Wow", "WE ARE THE LUNKHEADS". Donald Trump isn't the corporate big business type. Donald Trump made his cash doing real estate and not importing bad products from china to sell to us then hiring illegal immigrants to sell the Chinese made crap to us in the U.S..

Lets quit being lunkheads and vote for, "Donald Trump". We don't need mister nice right now. We need to get the rat dogs into the house and let them sniff out all the rats. Queensland Healers, Jack Terriers and Beagles are great rat chasers and keep after the rats until they are all gone. We need a person with those rat chasing instincts to clear out Washington D.C. and beyond. Beyond meaning local and state governments too. It's time for us the wipe our tears and find the people we want instead of letting business and communists decide for us by gathering up a field of the same for us to chose from that only does their bidding.

Yeah, it's all about who gets into the presidential and congressional races and the only people that enter the races have the financial support of the establishment republicans that hate the Tea Party.

We as Tea Partiers have the majority vote in the republican party base and the loudest voices. We don't need candidates with tubs full of money. We need candidates we can trust and can get into elected office by running our loud mouths. We don't need paid professionals to run our candidates elections. We just need our candidates to have an ounce of common sense and not to do dumb things like giving speeches at "DOG FIGHTS" and to "KLU KLUX KLAN" get together's.  Why the hell did you talk about "BEING A WITCH" or "TELL MEXICANS THEY LOOK ASIAN". We need our candidates with their heads screwed on right. Yes, the stuff I mentioned above did happen by "Tea Party Candidates".

Lets Vote For Donald Trump And Other Realistic Minded Personalities We Can Find.

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