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Monday, May 18, 2015

Islam Is Not A Religion Or Race. Islam Is A "Law" Of Sharia

Islam Is Not A Religion Or Race. Islam Is A "Law" Of Sharia

The United States is about what's real and not about mind control. "Let Freedom Ring" and "NOT" let the mentally ill or mentally warped manage people with their deceptions for the purpose of their group command and control syndrome. The middle east doesn't have
mental hospitals and shrinks so now they have ISIS and women that are slaves to men. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the whole democratic party support women being slaves to mentally ill men. Who in their right mind preaches women rights and supports a society that keeps women as slaves to the mentally ill at the same time.

Can you believe Obama, Hillary and the democrats are appointing and installing people to federal government positions that believe in a law that promotes death and the slavery of women under the guise of a peaceful religion? These politicians of ours are importing millions of people that teach sharia into the U.S.. Islam is just one of many laws of sharia and by far is not a peaceful law. In fact, Islam is the exact complete opposite of "Peace On Earth" and is one of the worst if not the number #1 lie ever pushed on U.S. citizens. Everyone thinks Islam is a religion that uses sharia law but the fact is Sharia is the main body over Islam and Islam is one of the many laws of sharia.

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