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Monday, July 28, 2014

"Tea Party Moment" Border Convoy Against Illegal Immigration

LibertyNews.com is partnering up with a hand full of Murrieta organizers, Grassfire.com and Pete Santilli’s media outfit to put on a massive
Border Convoy planned for August 1st, 2014. Here’s the mission statement the team finished up and published today.
We are a coalition of citizens who share a deep concern for the invasion currently happening unchecked at our nation’s borders. Our core group of organizers are a part of the Murrieta Border Patrol blockade who now seek to positively impact the immigration dialogue by supporting local communities taking a stand against the federal government. Unlike our federal government, we support the work our Border Patrol Agents have been doing and continue to do. Our coalition calls on Americans to join those already defending the border and help stop government-funded human trafficking. Bringing the spirit of Murrieta with us, we’ll encourage communities to rise up and take a stand against unconstitutional federal incursions. Our initial border convoy will begin in Murrieta, CA on August 1 and head towards Laredo, TX, stopping to support citizen border patrols along the way.
The convoy intends to assist and support citizen groups currently watching the border, visit communities to share experiences from Murrieta and elsewhere, and take part in a national PR campaign to generate more awareness of what is really happening along our nation’s borders. Exact details of the convoy route are not yet public for security purposes, but here’s a basic rundown.
++Friday, August 1st – Evening rally in Murrieta, CA ++Saturday, August 2nd – Official start of convoy. Departs Murrieta, CA. Travel through Yuma, AZ and Phoenix, AZ. Post up for overnight near Tucson, AZ to support Oracle, AZ’s fight against fed. ++Sunday, August 3rd – Post up for overnight near El Paso (Southeast of El Paso), TX to support citizen border operations. Will be at border locations near El Paso for nights of August 3rd and August 4th. ++Tuesday, August 4th – Overnight near San Antonio, TX. ++ Wednesday, August 5th – Post up for overnight near McAllen, TX. ++Thursday, August 6th – Post up for overnight near Laredo, TX. On Friday, August 7th, part of the convoy will head back along border towards Murrieta, CA. Part of the convoy will remain in Texas for a longer duration.
We highly recommend you join us on this convoy. If you’ve got an RV, a car with camping gear or can even rent a few hotel rooms, this will be a fantastic time for you to get to know like-minded concerned Americans, help guard/watch the border and help bring national attention to the dangers currently coming across the border. Those wishing to join the convoy can register via the link below. bit.ly/borderconvoyform Media inquiries or other questions about the convoy can be sent to borderconvoy@gmail.com Read More: Liberty News Border Convoy