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Friday, June 20, 2014

Barack Obama's Plot To Import Illegal Alien Children Uncovered

This Poster Above Is My Own Personal Opinion As To What Barack Obama and His U.S. Government Administration Is Really Up To. This Poster Is Self Explanatory.

This article posted by Tea Party.org is about the Obama administration taking bids from private sector contractors to move illegal alien children all over the U.S.. As of now the time this article was written the U.S. government has been relocating illegal alien children and their parents to
different states. Homeland security is just busing and flying these illegal aliens to different states and dropping them off at bus stations and they call their family members already in the U.S. illegally for bus ticket money to complete the journey.

January 29th 2014 is when the U.S. government released this document to transportation contractors most likely in an effort to lower the cost to the government of transporting the illegal aliens to all 50 U.S. states. The earliest date known for this plan to transport illegals is 1-29-2014. The U.S. government has been transporting illegal aliens since 2012 when Obama promised that illegal alien children would be reunited with their parents in the U.S.. Most likely these illegal alien families have been streaming into the U.S. since that promise in 2012 in an engineered plan to flood the U.S. with illegal aliens so the economy would bust faster from lowering wages to U.S. citizens and making U.S. citizens reliant on government. This busing most likely has been going on since 2012 after Obama got reelected and only came to light a few months ago when people started noticing more and more Homeland Security buses dropping off illegal aliens at bus stations. As more and more illegal aliens started to pile up in U.S detention camps massive busing had to be done to keep the illegal aliens from piling up in detention camps which eventually got noticed. Choosing a private sector transportation company to move massive amounts of illegal aliens takes time and the illegal aliens are piling up at the border and in detention camps faster than government can get a sleazy transportation company to move them all.

This document below and Obama promising illegal alien children if they got to the U.S. border they would be reunited with their families in the U.S. is the only proof that this mass influx of illegal aliens was engineered. Some circumstantial evidence would be the fact that all these illegal immigrants came from central america through mexico without mexico noticing this wave of people train hopping and passing through towns is complete B.S..
Edit 6-23-2014:  Megyn Kelly on Fox News announced she found evidence that Obama knew there would be 65,000 illegal alien children coming though mexico and crossing the U.S. border January 29th when the below transportation document was posted. More than likely Obama and his cohorts knew long before January 29th that at least 65,000 illegal alien children were coming and only top ranking Obama administration officials know how many had already entered the U.S. and have been placed before the general public found out through news reports of these kids being dumped at bus stations in Arizona.

Below Is A Copy Of The Original Federal Government Page To Solicit Tranportation Contractors To Transport Illegal Aliens

Below Is The U.S. Government Contract Requirements For Transporting Illegal Aliens Throughout The U.S.. Only This Document Was First Posted On Tea Party.org.  The Rest Of This Post Above and Below The Document Shown Below Are My Own Writings.

Obama’s Plot to Import Illegal Alien Children Uncovered
Posted by National Director @ Tea Party.org, Dee on June 17, 2014 at 4:53pm
Original Tea Party.org post

(Tea Party) The Tea Party research team has discovered shocking documents which incriminate and expose Obama’s plot to use illegal alien children as political pawns as a way to swamp the U.S. immigration system and set the stage for amnesty.

As far back as 2013, the Obama regime appears to have been plotting the overthrow of the US immigration system. Several concerned citizens have stepped forward with documents that not only appear to be accurate, but are disconcerting as well.

“Transporting of children for political purposes is unconscionable and must be stopped. The trust in the Obama regime and Washington has hit a new low, not only in the minds of the American people but in the lives of child victims who are suffering at the hand of Obama.” Steve Eichler – Tea Party

Under the guise of escort services, government agencies appear to be moving blocks of human cargo from foreign countries into the US. This infusion of illegal aleins will no doubt apply extreme and unnecessary pressure on entire immigration system, until the whole process collapses.

However, because of recent discoveries, amnesty is getting further from reach, and a spotlight is now focused on the Obama regime and their unconscionable actions against the most helpless members of the human race: children. Many of these child victims have been forcibly separated from their parents for the “greater good.”

The Tea Party research team is continuing to investigate these newly discovered documents and statements, more information will be forth coming. The following document showcases the date, time, and intent of Obama’s plot.

Procurement Type: Request for Information (RFI)/Sources Sought

Title: Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children

Classification Code: V- Transportation/Travel/Relocation

NAICS code: 561612

Primary POC: Rachel Ali, Contract Specialist/ Rachel.Ali@ice.dhs.gov

Secondary POC: Tony Ross, Contracting Officer/ Tony.Ross@ice.dhs.gov
A. Introduction

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has a continuing and mission critical responsibility for accepting custody of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from U.S. Border Patrol and other Federal agencies and transporting these juveniles to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters located throughout the continental United States. ICE is seeking the services of a responsible vendor that shares the philosophy of treating all UAC with dignity and respect, while adhering to standard operating procedures and policies that allow for an effective, efficient, and incident free transport. The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year. Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total: 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air. Escort services include, but are not limited to, assisting with: transferring physical custody of UAC from DHS to Health and Human Services (HHS) care via ground or air methods of transportation (charter or commercial carrier), property inventory, providing juveniles with meals, drafting reports, generating transport documents, maintaining/stocking daily supplies, providing and issuing clothing as needed, coordinating with DHS and HHS staff, travel coordination, limited stationary guard services to accommodate for trip disruptions due to inclement weather, faulty equipment, or other exigent circumstances. In emergency situations, the Contractor shall be called on to provide temporary shelter locations (such as trailers) with shower facilities for juveniles who are pending placement with HHS when bed space is unavailable nationwide for extended periods of time. The Contractor shall provide temporary guard services and other support as necessary during these emergencies.

In addition, the Contractor shall have personnel who are able to communicate with juveniles in their own designated language(s). While this may not require each employee to be fluent in all of the encountered languages, personnel should have access to and knowledge of translation services.
B. ICE Standards/Special Requirements

The contractor is required to perform in accordance with the ICE Performance Based National Detention Standards (PBNDS 2011), all ICE policies related to the transportation of juveniles (see the ICE Family Residential Standards at
www.ice.gov/detention-standards/family-residential/) as well as the Flores Settlement Agreement, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, and the Homeland Security Act of 2002. In cases where other standards conflict with DHS/ICE Policy or Standards, DHS/ICE Policy and Standards will prevail. ICE Inspectors will conduct periodic inspections to assure compliance of the aforementioned standards.

Personnel shall have the knowledge and experience to transport individual children with special needs. Often times, children with special needs may require a transportation method that is time saving and direct, i.e. by commercial airline. Contractor shall also provide for accompanying medical care. Additionally, due to exigent circumstances, the Contractor shall be required to transport juveniles via ground to HUB airports or other staging areas that are not located within the area of initial apprehension.

The Contractor shall follow a fully developed training curriculum and transporting staff shall have the highest level of competency possible. Areas of training shall include, but are not limited to the following: Airport rules and regulations for travelers, crisis intervention, child development, working with and transporting youth with special needs, transporting youth with behavioral problems, CPR & First Aid training, non-secured UAC policy and procedures and the implementation of contingency plans in the event of a crisis during transport, which include de-escalation techniques.

Background Investigations and Suitability Screenings will be conducted on all Contract Employees by the Office of Professional Responsibility and Personnel Security Unit (OPR-OSU).
The Contractor shall agree that each employee working on this contract will successfully pass the DHS Employment Eligibility (E-Verify) program operated by USICS to establish work authorization and U.S. Citizenship.
Employees must reside in the United States.
C. Contract Type

The Government anticipates awarding a five (5) year Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle consisting of a one year base period, and four (4) option years. The Service Contract
Act is applicable to this acquisition. All required clauses, provisions will be included in the solicitation and resulting contractual instrument.

The anticipated release date of the solicitation is March 3, 2014. The solicitation closing date will be thirty (30) days after release of the Request for Proposal (RFP).

Projected Set-Aside: All business sizes are welcome to participate; however, ICE is trying to determine small business interest, particularly HubZone companies. All information received in response in to this notice will be used to determine the appropriateness of any small business set-aside for this requirement.
D. Place of Performance:

Service Area: Throughout the Continental United States (US)

The area(s) or region(s) serviced may occur either with a phased approach over a period of several months to a full year. Alternatively, the Contractor shall perform the entire transportation function upon full funding. For example, the following two circumstances may occur: (1) The contractor could initially provide transportation services only in the Southwest Region of the U.S. for those juveniles who are apprehended in the state of Texas; or, (2) The Contractor may be required to provide transportation services for all juveniles who are in DHS custody throughout the continental U.S.
E. RFI Purpose/Requirements

The purpose of this RFI is to obtain market information and capabilities for planning purposes and to determine appropriate strategies to meet the Agency’s requirements. This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes and does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a commitment for an RFP in the future. Responses to this notice are not considered offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responders are advised that the Government will not pay for any information or administrative cost incurred in response to this announcement and information submitted in response to this RFI will not be returned.

Interested parties are instructed to submit the following information: (Note: Please do not exceed 5 pages per RFI submission)

POC information (name, title, phone number, address, email address, etc.)
Socio-economic status
Brief Company Capability statement (to include addressing all special needs as stated above)
F. Submissions and Point of Contact Information

Submit written or electronic submissions via email to Rachel.Ali@ice.dhs.gov by 1:00pm EST on Monday, February 19, 2014.

End of RFI

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