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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Barack Obama's White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarret's Father Is A Communist

White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrets father, Veron Jarrett is a Communist Leader and Mentor to Barack Obama. He also wrote a newspaper column. Valerie Jarrett and her father were both born in Iran so I guess this is
where commibamas ambitions are coming from trying to do a balancing act between communism and muslims. I guess commibama loves Valerie more than Michelle if Valerie has this kind of control over commibama.

The fact of the matter is the democratic party is completely, "GONE". There are still democrats but these private citizen democrats voted out their democratic leadership and voted in a communist leadership. It wasn't the republican party that ended the democratic party, "IT WAS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY THAT ENDED THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY". You know, "Destruction That comes From Within" as the U.S. Constitution is being completely destroyed from within but only because the rino republicans failed to protect it and see the communist threat we pay the rino republicans to find and destroy.

Barack Obama has surrounded himself with all kinds of communists and everyone in the democratic party refuses to see this or are communists themselves. Along with the retired Alex Jones or whatever his name is it has been found out commibama has advisors that are senior leaders in the "Communist Party U.S.A." based out of Chicago. This Cpusa has various outlets throughout the U.S. and has just become financially well off with the 700 billion stolen form the U.S. treasury through the failed Obamacare, the 6 billion Billary stole from the state department and the 500 billion stolen from Medicare. All this cash went to the cpusa after everyone's pockets were padded of coarse.

Source:   michellemalkin.com/2010/03/15/valerie-jarrett-hurray-for-obamas-womanly-leadership/

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