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List Of Presently Known U.S. Citizens Killed By Illegal Aliens

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Phone Book Yellow Pages Prove Illegal Aliens Are Driving Down U.S. Citizen Wages

Yes, It's Proven Though The Hispanic Yellow Pages That Massive Immigration Into The U.S. Is Allowed Solely For The Purpose Of Business Profits Through The Pathway Of Increasing Immigrant Purchasing Power

  Opinion Written In Response To The Article Posted On

Hispanic Yellow Pages: Hispanic Yellow Pages USA is the highest rated and best-known Bilingual (Spanish and English) online yellow pages directory in the country

A Hobby Article Written By James Allan | 7-17-2009

All the information in this article is fact. Most likely the culprits of this tragedy will try to get "Yellow Book" to take down their facts page through the link above soon after this information spreads out some.

It's becoming well known now that U.S. Citizens are being neglected purposely because there's a major shift thats been engineered by Business, The democrat party and the libertarian republican rinos to empower immigrants with more economic purchasing power than U.S. Citizens. This shift explains why there's so much U.S. Citizen poverty in the United States. All the business groups and political entities are chasing the purchasing power of, "People That Don't Belong Here!" letting U.S. Citizens suffer in neglect.

All Information Listed In This Post Is From The "Yellow Pages Hispanic Phone Book Website" Showing The Rapid Growth of Hispanic Populations In The U.S. Due Totally To Unchecked Illegal Immigration Across The U.S. Mexico Border.

The numbers posted after the text at the bottom of this article are taken from people in the U.S. that requested a spanish written phone book. This list only shows 78 hispanic populations in U.S. cities that have reached 30% and above. There are virtually hundreds of U.S. cities not on the this list that are below 30% and are growing in numbers due to illegal immigration across the U.S. southern border. There are thousands of small towns that have been populated with illegal aliens also.

The percentage numbers are based on 1 phone book for each spanish speaking household. I live in a nice middle class neighborhood with two spanish families I know for sure are illegal aliens making money. The first household has 17 or more people living in it including the children. My neighbor told me the number is 20.

The second house has 5 or 6 living in it including the 1 child and teenager plus 3 adults. So if you look at the percentage numbers on the list and remember that the percentage numbers are for 1 household then try to guesstimate how many illegal aliens are living in each household the percentage numbers given in the list will be on the low side and not accurate when trying to determine the percentage of illegal aliens in each city.

Directly Below Are 4 Sentences Taken From The Hispanic Yellow Page Website That Shows What The U.S. Wealthy And Business Is Really After. It Surely Isn't The Economic And Financial Welfare Of U.S. Citizens:

1. U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has surged to nearly $870 billion in 2008 and is projected to reach as much as $1.3 trillion by 2015.

2. During the past decade, the rate of growth was more than two times the overall national rate.

3. The rising affluence of the nation’s 44.3 million Hispanics is increasing at a blistering pace. U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has been growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8 percent since 1980, more than twice as fast as the 2.52 percent rate for total U.S. purchasing power during the same period.

4. The rising rate of purchasing power is even more impressive over the 10-year period from 1996 to 2006, during which U.S. Hispanic purchasing power posted a compound annual growth rate of 6.96 percent, versus just 2.8 percent for total U.S. disposable income.

The 4 paragraphs Below Are Logical Explanations For The Downfall Of U.S. Citizen Purchasing Power

1. U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has surged to nearly $870 billion in 2008 and is projected to reach as much as $1.3 trillion by 2015 which just about proves beyond a reasonable doubt what business is after when they start talking about needing more people in the U.S. for "Growth". Business bullchits you with the line " the so called growth in population is an essential element of a successful U.S. population ". The one thing these "Growth" people NEVER talk about is the financial growth of U.S. Citizens personal financial situation and increasing U.S. Citizen purchasing power. All U.S. Citizens are getting is a shrinking ability to stay out of poverty because to many people are being let into the U.S. to pump up the "Wallet Growth" of the already rich.

2. During the past decade, the rate of monetary growth of hispanics was more than two times the overall national rate from previous decades while U.S. citizen monetary growth has shrunk. This basically means U.S. working class citizens are losing their incomes and hopes for a better future due to wealthy business owners using hispanics, AKA illegal aliens to grow their profits.

The wealthy business owners grow their profits through illegal aliens and massive legal immigration then kill two birds with one stone by hiring illegal aliens and other immigrants for lower wages which also increases the business owners profits.

3. The rising affluence of the nation’s 44.3 million hispanics now mostly illegal is increasing at a blistering pace and removing U.S. citizens ability to move up the financial ladder due to increased competition in the job market from illegal alien hispanics. Working class and poor U.S. Citizens are heavily impacted financially because of illegal immigration. U.S. Citizens have lost their ability to move freely from job to job also for higher pay and finding happiness in a work place.

4. The rising rate of purchasing power is even more over the 10-year period from 1996 to 2006, during which U.S. Hispanic purchasing power posted a compound annual growth rate of 6.96 percent, versus just 2.8 percent for the U.S. citizen which means U.S. citizens are losing their incomes to illegal immigrants. Hispanics do not spend the way U.S. citizens spend, they do not purchase many expendable income items. Immigrants send money out of the U.S. and only spend money on their basic needs that is money drained from the pockets of U.S. citizens who do spend cash on expendable income items. Business only cuts their own throats by hiring illegal aliens.

The democrats are intentionally flooding the U.S. with immigrants in order to break the economy, make everyone dependent on the government then proceed to remove the U.S. constitution and install a form of social communism. It's well known now that the democrat party "dreams" of a world with no borders and we are finding out the form of government to be installed is global communism to govern their no borders world.

Illegal aliens and legal immigrants are being used for profits by businesses locally and nationally. U.S. citizens are duped into believing massive legal and illegal immigration is good for them when in actuality U.S. citizens are being stripped of their right to be first in their own economy as these immigrants cause U.S. citizen wages to stagnate and eventually go lower as U.S. citizens have to work for the lower wages. Illegal aliens accept much lower wages because they are higher than in their own country and this scenario is forcing U.S. Citizens to work for the same poverty wage that illegal aliens accept. 

If U.S. citizens will not work for the lower wages, the business owner has the option of hiring illegal aliens that will work for the lower wages and business owners always do hire the cheapest labor to raise profits. Illegal aliens are more easily controlled too because they don't want to get fired and deported.

What's even worse is our corrupt elected politicians are giving the U.S. away to foreigners without the blessing of U.S. citizens. U.S. citizens were never asked if they wanted this massive immigration and to cede the U.S. to foreign nationals. U.S. citizens are just finding out about this massive immigration is just a sham for profits by the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" and global communism by the "Communist democrats" after the fact.

U.S. politicians through outright lies, misinformation with the help of a controlled mainstream media just pump out false information to people that believe if something is wrong "Someone Will Speak Up". Well, people are speaking up but the democrats have control of the main stream media and not to many democrat voters are hearing the people speaking up and warning them with the truthful facts.

Liberals just want everyone to walk the world freely until foreigners that are walking freely are walking on the liberals. If the liberals are not to doped up and brain dead from all the drugs these foreigners walking freely are selling to them for as much money as they can get out of the liberals pockets there may be a change of mind. After these foreigners are able to walk freely across the U.S. the liberals will be lucky if they can get a low wage job to get money to give to the foreigners that are walking freely for drugs.

No, "It's not to late to get rid of all these illegal aliens". Housing prices in certain poverty areas would crash in the cities that have large populations of illegal aliens creating more affordable housing. After U.S. citizens get their jobs back all the vacated homes and apartments would be filled again by U.S. citizens then home values in these cities would rise again.

Sorry, you "Well Off" persons that purchased a home for $300,000 and above in the "ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED BILL CLINTON ECONOMY" most likely will never get the value of your homes back. Most of you well off people ignored the illegal alien issue anyway and payed the artificially inflated home prices. I wish you some good luck but you were the cause and not the fix.????? The only fix is to get back to a "NATURAL" economy and getting rid of all the illegal aliens will create the "AFFORDABLE" housing that would have been present in the U.S. natural economy if you boneheads weren't using illegal aliens for "Profit" and the artificial inflation of tangible assets.

The number in "Red" next to the city name is the population percentage of hispanics in each city whom ordered a "spanish language" phonebook. Some cities are mostly illegal alien hispanics or so close to it according to the massive amount of spanish language phone books distributed. The whole cities or areas in cities are areas where spanish is the first language.

The populations of illegal aliens that speak only spanish is much much greater in the cities and areas listed below than U.S. citizen hispanics who speak english. In Texas I know for a fact there are many small towns that are populated with illegal aliens only who don't know a word of english. Why would a massive amount of spanish language phone books be available if the populations of these areas were people that spoke english broken or affluent?

Rank, City, & Percent of hispanic population in each city

1. Hialeah, Florida 94.4

2. Laredo, Texas 94.3

3. Brownsville, Texas 92.5

4. McAllen, Texas 81.3

5. El Paso, Texas 80.0

6. Santa Ana, California 79.0

7. Salinas, California 72.0

8. Pomona, California 71.3

9. Downey, California 70.4

10. Oxnard, California 70.1

11. Miami, Florida 69.4

12. El Monte, California 68.6

13. Norwalk, California 68.4

14. Ontario, California 64.3

15. Fontana, California 63.1

16. San Antonio, Texas 61.2

17. Pasadena, Texas 59.2

18. Corpus Christi, Texas 58.1

19. Elizabeth, New Jersey 56.7

20. San Bernardino, California 56.6

21. Chula Vista, California 55.6

22. Paterson, New Jersey 55.1

23. Moreno Valley, California 52.5

24. West Covina, California 52.5

25. Anaheim, California 52.4

26. Palmdale, California 52.4

27. Inglewood, California 49.2

28. Odessa, Texas 49.2

29. Los Angeles, California 48.4

30. Riverside, California 47.8

31. Pueblo, Colorado 45.9

32. Victorville, California 45.7

33. Escondido, California 45.1

34. Fresno, California 44.6

35. Albuquerque, New Mexico 44.0

36. Dallas, Texas 43.1

37. Elgin, Illinois 42.9

38. Bakersfield, California 42.2

39. Phoenix, Arizona 42.1

40. Houston, Texas 41.9

41. Irving, Texas 41.8

42. Hartford, Connecticut 41.4

43. Corona, California 40.9

44. Visalia, California 40.6

45. Long Beach, California 40.2

46. Grand Prairie, Texas 40.2

47. Tucson, Arizona 39.5

48. Garden Grove, California 39.0

49. Providence, Rhode Island 37.6

50. Hayward, California 37.6

51. Orange, California 37.5

52. Garland, Texas 37.3

53. North Las Vegas, Nevada 37.2

54. Pembroke Pines, Florida 37.2

55. Stockton, California 37.0

56. Aurora, Illinois 36.9

57. Miramar, Florida 36.6

58. Lancaster, California 36.5

59. Allentown, Pennsylvania 36.2

60. Glendale, Arizona 36.1

61. Midland, Texas 35.4

62. Austin, Texas 35.0

63. Richmond, California 34.9

64. Springfield, Massachusetts 34.8

65. Modesto, California 34.4

66. Denver, Colorado 34.1

67. Costa Mesa, California 34.0

68. Fort Worth, Texas 33.8

69. Pasadena, California 33.5

70. Oceanside, California 33.5

71. Bridgeport, Connecticut 33.3

72. Fullerton, California 33.0

73. Rancho Cucamonga, California 32.5

74. Newark, New Jersey 31.9

75. San Buenaventura, California 31.7

76. San Jose, California 31.5

77. Lubbock, Texas 30.6

78. Las Vegas, Nevada 30.0

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