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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Barack Obama Sign Up Illegal Aliens To Increase The Numbers Of Obamacare

Barack Obama Sign Up Illegal Aliens To Increase The Numbers Of Obamacare

Obamacare, my opinion about the signup numbers being told to U.S. citizens by the democrats.

I myself right now am not worried about the democrats stating they have 6 to 7 million people signed up for Obamacare. Yes, there's lots of U.S. citizens signing up due to the fact they without doubt need healthcare because of serious long term illness or injury.

We all know the democrats lie and

cheat anyway they can and a democratic cheating scheme just came to light in Calif. when voter registration cards were mailed out for the midterms and the party affiliation box on the voter registration cards were checked, "Democrat".

So knowing that the democrats outright cheat and lie even when they are busted why would anyone think the Obamacare numbers were not fudged in some way????? Of coarse the Obamacare numbers are fudged. The democrats are signing up "Immigrants" that got their citizenship rubber stamped and are not educated as to what Obamacare really is. The democrats will sign these immigrants up with lies of low monthly payments and not tell them about the huge deductable that comes with Obamacare plans. These immigrants may even pay the first installment but the payments will stop later down the road when they get hurt and have to put out $10,000 before Obamacare pays off. News travels fast through uneducated immigrants.

Obamacare workers already stated they signed up 4000 illegal immigrants but I bet yah it's in the millions due to Obamacare workers signing up legal immigrants in neighborhoods and sections of cities where illegal immigrants dwell.

Obamacare workers are lying as much as they can about the Obamacare signups and, "Cooking The Books". Everyone knows or is finding out the democrats are all about lies and will lie straight to your face even if you know the truth and have proof. The bigger the lies the better I guess and the democratic lies are getting and going to get pretty huge as the elections roll around.

The truth is if the democrats get away with governing the U.S. with lies as they are doing now then from here on in all future U.S. governments will be nothing but cheating, stinking lyers that will push out all the honest politicians and us U.S. citizens will have to live under a society of "Social Phonyism".
Recent whopper democratic lies include:

The democrats lying about the unemployment numbers to make themselves look better and keep people on food stamps.

The democrats ordering illegal aliens that are actually caught crossing the border to be turned around at the time they are caught and walked back into mexico then counted as "Deportations". There are very few if any deportations out of the U.S. itself if the illegals are not caught at the border.

The democrats lying about what actually happened in Bengazi Libya because the democrats were claiming al quida was dead before the 2012 election and al quida turned around and attacked the U.S.. The democrats started a big lie about Bengazi so the 4 U.S. citizens that got killed there wouldn't impact Obamas chances of getting re-elected and to this day they are lying about Bengazi even when facts that they knew Bengazi was an al quida attack is coming to light.

The democrats lying about the Obamacare failure as this article presents. Obama and the democrats had half the U.S. population believing that they were going to get lower healthcare costs and Obamacare would fix this. Obama lied about the huge flaws in the Obamacare plan but after the rollout of Obamacare the fatal flaws of Obamacare that were expressed by the conservatives came to light and as the U.S. public rejected signing up for Obamacare, Obama and the democrats started to signup massive amounts of immigrants legal and illegal to boost the Obamacare signup numbers and still to this day after the Obamacare rollout the democrats will not release the actual signup numbers and related info. The democrats are caught in a dilemma of having to lie as much as possible for the 2014 midterms and hoping people will believe the lies.

There are more lies by the democrats than I care to take the time to list even though for the good of the country I should. Everyday it's just another lie or deception by Obama and the democrats with failure after failure and 6 years of "All" U.S. citizens losing from a fraction to all of their incomes. If the conservatives don't win big in the 2014 midterms by the time the 2016 presidential elections come U.S. citizens expendable incomes that fuel the economy will be half  of what it is now or just about completely gone and that's a fact.

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