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Saturday, August 12, 2017

How Is Mark Zuckerburg Going To React If He Runs For President And Facebook Explodes Negative On Him?

Could These Two Possibly Have A Shot At, "President And First Lady"?

Written By James Allan | 8-12-2017

This isn't a Facebook bashing article even though Facebook banned me twice. I don't have to worry about Facebook getting bashed because the bashing element is already built and ready to go when it's known Zuckerburg is going to run. This article is "On Point" speculation about how Mark Zuckerburg is going to react when he announces his presidency for the 2020 race and Facebook blows up in his face with millions upon millions of posts that make him look like the anti U.S. Citizen clinton and obama globalist he really is.

Mark Zuckerburg has already hired several of hillary clinton's and barack obama's presidential election campaign staff. 

Will Zuckerburg order his troll army of asian Facebook guards to evict millions upon millions of republicans that reject him as another obama for president of the United States? Most of the Facebook moderators that remove posts, put people in Facebook jail and ban people are foreigners working out of the Philippines, China and India under contract with a foreign labor company. "True".

Zuckenburg thinks of Donald Trump's presidency as, "If He Could Do It I Can Do It Better Because I Have More Money". Donald Trump has an immigrant wife who came to the U.S. legally and was naturalized legally. Mark Zuckerburg has a U.S. born anchor baby wife. Her parents are immigrant chinese who left china during the Vietnam war for Vietnam to be apart of the refugee group of Vietnamese the U.S. was bringing into the U.S.. The backgrounds of presidential wives are legal game.

Before 1972 there was no way chinese immigrants could enter the U.S. legally because of the non relationship standoff with china. In 1972 Richard Nixon normalized relations with china. The only way for the parents of Zuckerburgs wife to get to the U.S. was illegally so they went to Vietnam in the middle of the war and made themselves part of the Vietnam refugee group being brought to the U.S.. 

The parents of Zuckerburgs wife do hold some learning capabilities as does the whole family but that doesn't make his wife's parents any less "Illegal Aliens" that entered the U.S. through fraudulent means. The wife of Mark Zuckerburg is in fact an "Anchor Baby". Mark Zuckerburgs wife was born in 1985 which means her parents came to the U.S. at a very young age and were in the U.S. at least 15 years before she was born. Most likely after 15 years in the U.S. under false refugee status they were found out so they started having children to anchor them into the U.S.. Study this and see what conclusions you come up with.

Her name is Priscilla Chan.    

The real question is what is Zuckerburg going to do when republicans start fleeing to Google Plus when they reject a Zuckerburg presidency. Most of the Facebook 1.6 billion users are foreigners. Facebook only has 13.3% of its users from North America which includes the United States, Canada and mexico. 87% of Facebook members are foreigners mostly from Asia where Facebook employees all of its "Facebook Cops". Does Zuckerburg and his communist democrat partners really think he's going to win the presidency with no record at all of increasing U.S. Citizen wealth, standing and fully has a record of kissing butt of his 87% foreign Facebook membership that stuffs his pockets with billions in advertising revenue?


Can Facebook survive with only communist U.S. democrats and foreigners on Facebook after kicking off millions upon millions of republicans who post negative about Zuckerburg? So far my understanding is wherever the republicans go all the nut job communists and foreigners follow because they can't stand talking and preaching to themselves without a villain to unite them. The United States wasn't created by liberals. The U.S. was created by people fleeing liberalism that ushers in dictators and communists. The U.S. was created by conservative non libertarian values and now all the foreigner liberals that created the communism and dictators in their countries want to come to the U.S. that gives rise to the communists and dictators that are the obamas, clintons, zuckerburgs and democrat party wings that are present today.

Lets see, I'm just approximating 13% of 1 billion people my calculator says is only around 76 million people in all of North America (United States, Canada and mexico comprise 750 million people) are using Facebook. Most of the 76 million are from the U.S. but I haven't researched the exact breakdown of the 76 million. Lets say 50 million of the 76 million Facebook users are U.S. Citizens. Lets also say half of the 50 million U.S. Citizen Facebook users are republican and the other half are democrats a 50/50 split. Noting that it's already known that a huge part of the democrats are voting for Donald Trump so I will say 30 million Facebook users are republicans with a few million of democrat support.

A guess is that if 30 million Donald Trump supporters leave Facebook and all that's left is 20 million snow flake crybabies, communists and foreigners Facebook will become, well, "California", "Illinois", "New York" democrat messes. Wherever the republicans go and make it good the dumb bells and foreigners follow.

Mark Zuckerburg has last time I checked over 85 million followers on his own social web site. Facebook started up in 2004 so that gave Zuckerburg 17 years to build up followers before people found out he was an anti U.S. citizen globalist and started to attack him. Most of the 85 million followers Mark Zuckerburg has accumulated are foreigners since no republican would follow him and it's guesstimated there are only 20 million snowflakes U.S. citizens using Facebook most of which may be Canadians and mexicans. It could be most of the 76 million North America Facebook users are Canadians and mexicans?

Hey Mark Zuckerburg! You need more than 20 million snowflake U.S. Citizen Facebook users to make you president. I'm guessing 65 million of your Facebook followers are foreigners. 

Can you imagine 30 million Facebook users posting anti Mark Zuckerburg messages on Facebook "Every Day Of The Year"? I've seen anti Zuckerburg messages on Facebook and eventually they stop most likely because Zuckerburgs foreign Facebook Cops banned the posters. The question is when 30 million Facebook users start posting endless anti Mark Zuckerburg for president messages on Facebook will Zuckerburgs foreign Facebook Cops ban all 30 million people? Will Zuckerburg even be able to handle it since he's more of  a snowflake with billions of dollars and body guards with big guns? Will Zuckerburg "Cry" and go to his safe space behind his wall with Teddy Bears and Hot Chocolate?      

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