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Monday, November 30, 2015

President Donald Trump Mocking A Reporter Or Mimicking A Womans Natural Fright Position?

The Truth Of A Sissy Boy Afraid To Stand Up To What He Wrote

It's the wonders of what the brains of our money hungry media can come up with when told to do so by their glorious CEO's and owners that are only out to attract readers and watchers for gain. The media has gone, "All Cash" to keep the businesses that advertise with their news outlets happy. If the businesses don't like a candidate for the people and want a libertarian candidate that's the puppet of cash then the media news outlets will of coarse stand on the people to keep the businesses paying the cash to advertise in their news outlets. Who says the news outlets are not a businesses themselves? Does anyone have the thought of Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, New York Times and other news outlets paying out million dollar salaries a year to their staff through good will and bleeding hearts? Well, if you do I have some, "NEWS FOR YOU".

There are some good online news outlets like Breitbart and Newsmax but sometimes they too just print the narrative with only light investigation. Andrew Breitbart before his passing was an intense investigator of what's true so the news organization he founded follows what was. There's stories I've read on other online news outlets that appear to be uncorrupted but are unknown as people go the easy route to get their manipulated news as human nature dictates each individual states they are educated enough to figure things out themselves. I myself used to go the way of human nature and be a self proclaimed person that knew what I didn't really know then "BOOM", I started researching issues myself to find out what reality is and "POW", I became what I thought I once was.

Now, this issue of Donald Trump mocking the disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski seems to be far fetched because they automatically assumed and heavily reported by libertarian CNN and "Fox News" reporters just to smash Donald Trump. The news reporting of this event just showed a frame from a news video clip of Donald Trumps hand bent. I started to feed into this narrative also when I first saw the reporting all over the internet then decided to investigate myself and found out the way Donald Trump was acting out was similar to the way tough men act out and treat sissy boy men.

What I found out was women do indeed go into this position shown by Donald Trump during his campaign speech. Donald Trump wasn't lying as he stated he was not mocking that reporters disability but instead mimicking lets say, "Billiary Clinton" or any women that gets startled. Some women will naturally position their arms to protect their mid section and chest area when frightened or startled and if you add in "Rosie O'Donnell" you get this positon plus "Whiny". Donald Trump looked like he was mimicking a whiny frightened women and this is a stigmatism women have picked up over the years. When a men get sissy what Donald did on stage is the natural response by other men to the "Sissy Men". Donald Trumps father did make Donald Trump work construction, Donald did play sports and Donald was in the military until the military doctors kicked Trump to the streets for having bad feet which is where this portrayal of to "Sissy Boys" comes from.

Without a doubt I was correct in doing my own investigation as I ran across the full video clip that showed Donald Trump poised like a "Women Going Into Fright Position directed At A Sissy Boy Reporter Who Retracted His Story To Make Donald Trump Look Bad". This reporter printed a story of muslims cheering 9/11 in the U.S. then retracted the story 14 years later to spite Donald Trump. This disabled reporter working for the New York Times was most likely ordered to retract his story by his bosses to make Donald Trump look bad in the eyes of the public.

 Donald Trump Denies Mocking Disabled Reporter

The reporter with the disability "Serge Kovaleski" did indeed spend a day following Donald Trump around reporting Donald Trump launching his "Airline" in 1989 but the truth is Serge Kovaleski wasn't the only reporter their. That day Donald Trump launched his airline their were hoards of reporters that were following Donald Trump around also and if Donald Trump stated he doesn't remember Serge Kovaleski I myself would go with that because Donald Trump knows and gets followed around by thousands upon thousands of people each and every day. Steve Kovaleski's story about the opening of Donald Trumps airline was printed on page "33" so that goes to show the story wasn't important.

Serge Kovaleski stated Donald Trump mocked his disability due to the story he wrote about Donald Trumps airline being late on the first flight but the fact of the matter is "Donald Trump's Life Has Been Full Of Bad Press Constantly" and Donald Trump being pissed off 26 years at some tiny story about a plane being 18 minutes late if "FAR FETCHED". The fact of the matter is Donald Trump was mimicking a "Sissy Boy Reporter" who retracted the story he produced 14 years ago about muslims celebrating as the World Trade Center Building fell in New Jersey to make Donald Trumps statement about the muslims in the U.S. celebrating the fall of the buildings look "False". Donald Trump Did Not Mock this reporter but instead was just showing the world a "Sissy Boy Reporter" who was a chicken shit reporter afraid to stand by the story he wrote 14 years earlier.

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