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Saturday, August 26, 2017

CNN's (Commie News Network) Jeff Zucker And Communism In Hollywood

Is Jeff Zucker The Real Head Of The Democrat Communist Party?

Written By James Allan | 8-26-2017

This article is "Not" about how jews are a big communist problem in the U.S.. This article has nothing to do with demonizing the complete jewish religion. Every race and religion has their mentally ill communists and the fact that all the liberal communist jews migrated to the U.S. because they were to "Weak" to stand up to the muslims in Israel and came to the U.S. to start their communism isn't the point of this article. 70% to 90% of jews in the U.S. vote for communist democrats. The maybe 30% that vote republican are reality based and sensible. There's millions of conservative jews that stay in Israel and fight the muslims to save their "Republic State" in the middle east as the communist jews flee to the U.S..

What my research lead me to that was said back in the 1950's and 1960's describes exactly what the communist democrats are pushing for today in 2017, "Communism Is Not An Economic Movement But Instead A Racial Movement". I got this from the book linked to this post at the end of this article. The narrative line is spot on with the communist democrats here in 2017.

I'm not concerned about jews in the U.S.. I'm only concerned about communism in Hollywood and the U.S. which takes me down many roads that the public has a right to look at in order to find the truth about communism and who's supporting it.   

Is Jeff Zucker a wiz kid or just a devout communist that kissed his way to the top? Butt kissing is big in the democrat party. You see the democrat communist only bring up their own and hire their own. In order to climb the ladder of success in a democrat business or political organization you have to be "Super Commie" and prove that you will stay commie long after you become financially free. You have to prove you will die for communism.

Jeff Zucker was rejected for Harvard Law school and Harvard is big time democrat liberal. In 1982 he was hired by NBC which tells you a lot. NBC wasn't known to be communist until after Barack Obama was elected. NBC kept their communism well hidden from the public. Jeff Zucker had himself a good ol time kissing commie butt and moving up the ladder to the job of "CEO" of NBC  in 2005 and then  "President And CEO" of NBC in 2007.

Jeff Zucker got himself into a jam at NBC in 2010 after commiebama was elected trying to stomp on conservative host "Jay Leno". Conservatives are hired by communist companies as long as they keep their political mouths shut. Jeff Zucker's fight with Jay Leno landed NBC in 4th place among top television networks. Comcast saw the opportunity to purchase NBC as the value of NBC dropped from 1st to last place as conservative republicans started to find out NBC was politically incorrect attacking the conservative Jay Leno. Comcast purchased controlling interest of NBC in  2010 and paid Jeff Zucker 30 million dollars to go away even though Comcast is liberal communist and the worst cable provider in the U.S.. I guess Comcast is more profit over their communist ideology.

Now, CNN (Communist News Network) was in fact, "Libertarian Republican" up until 2013 when Jeff Zucker took over. CNN was started by the billionaire libertarian Ted Turner who is married to the liberal democrat Jane Fonda. The ratings were so bad at CNN up until Jeff Zucker took over in 2013 you could say only Glen Beck was watching them. Jeff Zucker brought in all the hardcore democrat communist trolls and CNN's ratings when up a whopping 50% that made CNN almost beat reruns of "Mr. Ed" and the "Andy Griffith Show".  The reason why CNN doesn't get rid of the communist Jeff Zucker is because CNN's ratings would fall back down to nothing again.

In 2014 Jeff Zucker started doing documentary's mostly about how blacks and hispanics are mistreated and impoverished in the U.S.. He also did documentary's about past politics in the U.S. spinning them again ambiguously against capitalism with mostly negatives and no positives. Since the communist democrats and libertarian republicans that still worked at CNN both supported massive open borders and amnesty these documentaries didn't catch to much resistance except for some staff wanted to stay all "News". 

There may still be some libertarian republicans working at CNN but I'm sure most have been replaced by communists giving way to the "Tea Party" coined phrase, "CNN = Clinton News Network". There is an occasional conservative that passes through and gets their start at CNN or NBC like Megan McCain who is a libertarian like her father who started at NBC and ended up at Fox News as is now happening with another woman that began at CNN and is now being introduced by Fox New on the Hannity show.  

Jeff Zucker coined the phrase, "We Can Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time" (most likely taken from someone else in the past) in 2014 as you hear all the "Communist Democrat Mouthpieces" say now on Fox News. This leads me in speculation to believe that Jeff Zucker is in control of the democrat party wing attached to Hillary Clinton. Hillary doesn't control crap, "It's All Jeff Zucker".

Jeff Zucker was reared at NBC but Comcast may or may not be on the same page as Jeff Zucker both fighting for the same left wing commie crowd. There's democrat party infighting between the democrat party "KKK/Nazi" and "Black Lives Matter" wings and most likely between the democrat party "CNN" and "Comcast NBC" news networks.  

Jeff Zucker had his heyday in the 1990's using conservatives to line the pockets of NBC and make them the number 1 rated television network before he became CEO. Jeff Zucker even hired Donald Trump to star on NBC's, "The Apprentice" in 2004. The republican party ruled in the 1990's and only lost the presidency to Bill Clinton because Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate under the "Reform Party" banner (The 1990's Reform Party Is The Now Tea Party Wing Of The Republican Party) twice instead of making his presidential runs under the republican party banner.

After commiebama was elected and billary was pronounced queen in 2009 Jeff Zucker started moving NBC to full communism with the takedown of Jay Leno in 2010. Well, NBC is communist but Jeff Zucker got CNN to full left wing communism.

Here's a book I found on Google books. The book is called, "Behind Communism" and details the back room growth of communism in the U.S.. This book goes on about jews being the culprits but I'm only concerned about why and how communism is growing and the people who support communism. I support Israel and Jews as a people but I do not support any communism they carry with them if it's found out the jews are responsible for the growth of communism in Hollywood and the U.S..

Pages 191 thru 195 below in this Google book preview written by Frank L. Britton attempts to explain how communism became entrenched in Hollywood by jewish communists including Jeff Zucker on page 192.

I myself do not believe all jews are communist liberal but there is a true fact that most of the jewish population in the U.S. votes with the democrat party in large numbers between 70% and 90% in presidential elections depending on how much the democrat candidate wraps themselves up in communism and which day it is.

Jewish Virtual Library: Jewish Voting Record 1916 To Present

The book pages scroll inside the frame below and you can enlarge the text. Please read this also and though you may not agree with all of it most seems to be an on point display of how Hollywood became communist minded in chapter 33 and why conservative jews in Israel that are fighting muslims have outstanding support from U.S. Citizens while the jewish population living in the U.S. carry so much backlash against them. I did not read the rest of the chapters and if I did I'd have to cross check the information with other sources for accuracy which is to much work for me to do. I already know most of what is written in chapter 33 is mostly accurate from past articles I've read on U.S. communism.

The pages in the article below may take several minutes for all of them to load even when the message says "You've Reached Your Page Limit" so please be patient, the pages will load. What works faster for me is to scroll into previous chapters then click and scroll back down to pages 192, 193, 194 and 195 to get the text to load.

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