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Friday, July 6, 2018

My Public Address As To The Reasons Why Myself As A True Tea Party Supporter Am Attacking Fox News

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Lets Hope The Rain Pours On The Libetarian's As It Poured On Us For Over Two Decades Of Their Secret War 

Written By James Allan | 7-5-2018

First of all I blame the "Progressive Communist Democrat" efforts to install communism in the U.S. as the main reason why "I Lost My Good Income" in 2008. Through the last 10 years I've had to struggle for no good reason as I know many in the U.S. have had to do for the same no good reason. Many U.S. Citizens that don't have the resources to publicly express themselves and their anger now have at least one pissed off person that is going through the same thing to write for them in expressed words that will be listened to when people read them.

Before I go on I will say the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" support a small government along with all the "Progressive Communist Social Issues". The only difference between the "Progressive Communist Democrats" and the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" is the size and structure of the government and they fight over this to no end.

My problem with Fox News is they were founded as a "Libertarian Republican Rino" news network out to grab profits from the "Conservative Republican Base" whom did not have any media anymore and slowly convert the Republican party into "Libertarianism". The founders of Fox News knew that all of the main street media was taken over by the "Progressive Communist Democrats" and that a hefty profit could be made. Rupert Murdoch who was an immigrant libertarian from Australia saw this deficit in news broadcasting as a money tree that would never quit giving and advance the libertarian globalist agenda. Rupert Murdoch is now retired from the daily operations of Fox News with his sons making all the operational calls along with hired management.

My focus isn't really on Fox News even through it was in fact founded as another "Libertarian Republican Rino" profit making machine that was also to act as a front to message "libertarian republican rino" supporters. My focus is on the libertarian ideology that in fact helped the "Progressive Communist Democrats" gain enough traction to make their move of installing communism. Educating people as to my reasons by exposing "Libertarian Republican Rino" presidents "George HW Bush", "George W. Bush", the congress at that time and Fox News media support feeding the "Libertarian Republican Rino" machine that was at war with the "Progressive Communist Democrats" over which type of government that was going to rule the U.S. is the goal.

I may blame the "Progressive Communist Democrats" for my financial downfall but I also equally blame the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" as non aligned cohorts for the destruction of my finances. The reason being for me blaming the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" for mine and others financial destruction is that they did nothing to stop the "Progressive Communist Democrat" agenda that lead to the downfall of the U.S. economy because the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" support a lot of what the "Progressive Communist Democrats" are and did install concerning social solution issues especially pertaining to massive immigration that was never stopped by either political entity whom were in power since 1989.

If regular republicans were in charge of congress and the presidency's between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump the "Progressive Democrat Communists" would have been "TOAST" and gone with no secret libertarian war! If the libertarians that were in charge of the U.S. government between Reagan and Trump had aligned themselves with regular republicans both political entities would have trashed the "Progressive Communist Democrats" into extinction without very much effort. The only reason the "Progressive Communist Democrats" are still alive an kicking is the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" wanted them alive so the "progressive communist democrats" could get social solution laws passed the libertarians liked and the "libertarian republican rinos" wouldn't be seen by the Republican Party Base as the traitors and "Rinos" they truly are.

The "Libertarian Republican Rinos" could have stopped the downfall of the U.S. economy but in an article I read and a documentary I viewed George W. Bush was warned of a pending major economic collapse that was actually, "IN THE PROCESS OF HAPPENING" and he did nothing about it because it would hurt his "Libertarian Republican Rinos" installation of a "Quasi" government controlled by business whom enjoy the massive amount of cheap labor all around and social solutions that were being installed by the progressive communist democrats.

It's also the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" that let thousands of U.S. businesses move over to china and into mexico. NAFTA wasn't all democrat. NAFTA was a collaboration between the "Progressive Communist Democrats" and "Libertarian Republican Rinos". The "Truth" about NAFTA is "George H.W. Bush" the libertarian republican rino did most of the negotiations on NAFTA but didn't get it finished by the end of his only term in 1993 so he passed it on to "Bill Clinton" who added a few more items then "Signed It". NAFTA was not a single political party "MONSTER" but instead a monster created by the "libertarian republican rinos" and "progressive communist democrats".

You see, it's not the "Republican Party Base" that have been running the U.S. at all since Ronald Reagan but instead the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" and "Progressive Communist Democrats" since 1989. It wasn't until 1995 that the now "Tea Party" started to rise up under "Ross Perot" whom wasn't a good political leader.

Sure, I have attacked the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" hardily in my articles but now it's time to shift to all them libertarian rascals who are staffed on "Fox News". Fox News was created for the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" and even though many are gone and replaced with "Tea Party" leaning anchors there's still many left at Fox News that, "NEED TO PAY" for their acts with the "progressive communist democrats" that lead to mine and others financial downfall.

These Fox News "libertarian republican rino" anchors and contributors make hefty incomes still while us "Little Insignificant People" have to struggle to this day with what they did to us. I lost a lot but many people lost everything.  I stated in my last article, "The Tea Party Is At War With Anyone That Made Us Look Like Fools While We Were Asleep" and now it's time for these "Fox News" libertarian rino personalities to be told what they did to us just because they wanted to install their ideology over the communist ideology with no regard to just repairing the government the way it was set up to be wasn't the right thing to do.

Many of these "Fox News Libertarian Republican Rino" personalities still exist at Fox News and my intention is for all of us that lost anything due to these libertarian republican rinos partial support of the progressive communist democrat social and hard issues is to educate everyone on this fact. These "libertarian republican rinos" are just as much at fault for our sour financial situations as the "progressive communist democrats".

These publicly elected officials, their appointees and bureaucrat staffs owe millions of us billions of dollars in restitution for what we lost. No, the government doesn't owe us out of our own taxes, the individuals that took the oath of office and steered us to wrongly believe "OWE US BIG TIME!". Of course we'll never see any cash so our only recourse is to "SLIM THEIR PUBLIC IMAGE" forever to the end of time! Even the ghetto dwellers and poor people have a beef in this because any chance they had to make a few bucks in support of themselves was greatly diminished mostly through lack of money circulating through their communities, job loss to china and other foreign countries with massive amounts of immigrants flowing into the U.S. taking whatever jobs were left.

Fox News was created to make billions of dollars off of a republican party with little to no media for the "Libertarian Republican Rinos". That happened and is still happening to this day. Fox News is all we have as the main place to get our news. Fox News got the money and us "Little Insignificant People" got financially ruined partly by libertarian anchors in support of their war of what kind of government was going to be installed against the democrats. Like I said, Fox News is all we have to watch so I'm not really out to put it out of business but I do feel all the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" still working at Fox News are going to have a big ass problem with their "Public Images" for what they did to us since Fox News started! I hope they don't use the excuse that they were not there at that time because they are there now still supporting their beloved "Libertarian War" of what kind of government will be installed, "THAT WE DO NOT WANT!".

We do not want a "progressive communist democrat" government and we do not want a "libertarian republican rino" government either. You two "bozo" political parties are fighting a war to install types of government most U.S. Citizens reject. The "libertarians and communist" are trying to "FORCE FEED" us there warped ideology governments after one or the other finally wins the war against each other. The war that destroyed U.S. Citizens over B.S. types of governments that will never be excepted by any majority.

The only government U.S. Citizens want is a government that serves our needs correctly. A government that manages correctly without lords and ideology. We want a government where U.S. Citizens are put above government, business and immigrants.

If all those libertarian anchors, reporters and contributors at Fox News and in other media outlets think they are going to be let off the hook they are seriously wrong. These libertarians can preach the U.S. Constitution all they want and fight the democrats viciously but we now know the fight the libertarians are fighting with the democrats are self serving to install their form of quasi government controlled by business.

The libertarian fight with the democrats isn't "With" the republican party as allies but instead, against the republican party with the Republican Party Base only being used by the libertarians to aid in the installation of a libertarian type of government without this fact of knowledge to be known by the Republican Party Base.

Fox News was created and fully staffed by libertarians in the beginning to spew their ideology across the U.S. and further the installation of a globalized business type quasi government. In their effort to do this they destroyed many people and families financially including myself through an unnecessary war with the communist democrats over the type of ideology government that will be installed to rule the U.S. in which neither of the two types of government, "ARE WANTED BY U.S. CITIZENS!".

In my own personal opinion Fox News as a media outlet will be spared from abuse because it's not the fault of the created entity and blasting it would only hurt us because we already hurt ourselves by letting most of our own media die out or be sold out to the libertarians. It would be an almost impossible task anyway by us "Insignificant Personalities". The fault for the damage done to U.S. Citizens is the fault of the libertarians that run and work at Fox News so since Fox News has already started moving away from a libertarian only staff they can keep going and do away with all "Libertarians" on staff in any form of employment to show us in good faith that they want to help repair the damage their staff was partially responsible for creating.

It may take another year or many more years until U.S. Citizens gain back what they lost during this unnecessary war between the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" and "Progressive Communist Democrat" Ideologies. The "Progressive Communist Democrats" could have been defeated easily by republicans if the libertarians had not gained control over the Republican Party or if the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" had put aside their ideology they share with the "Progressive Communist Democrats" and worked with Real Republicans to stop the commie democrats instead of trying to save the "progressive communist democrat" social solutions they liked and didn't want to be blamed for installing while they were trying to destroy the communist attempt to install a huge whopping communist government over their libertarian business quasi government in which neither type of government is wanted.

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