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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Donald Trump And The James Comey Incident Revealed. My Personal Opinion


It's Already Known That James Comey Is A, "Never Trump" Activist

Speculation And Opinion Written By James Allan | 6-8-2017

Donald Trump meant this and Donald Trump meant that? Can any of the pundits let alone the government panel get this correct? Will I myself get this correct? This incident between Donald Trump and James Comey is just, "He Said He Said". Nobody was there except the two individuals. Billions of dollars will be spent as a runoff of the Hillary Clinton server scandal this issue is appearing to be. 

Donald Trump has some credible individuals to defend him but I'm going to toss my "Hat In The Ring" (A Boxing Term Too) and lend my credible support. All these billions of dollars being spent on investigations here and investigations there are all based on, "What Donald Trump Meant" that's taking billions of dollars to figure out.

I have a different take on what Donald Trump may have meant. Judge Jeanine did an in depth thorough interview with Donald Trump and after that interview and all the gib gab and James Comey's testimonies I've come to my conclusion about what Donald Trump meant that nobody is injecting into any conversations. Judges are turning out to be political and the "Never Trump" Judge Napolitano is an "Ass Bite" that needs to be fired again.

Donald Trump stated that James Comey is senile (my words) in his remembrance of the conversation facts and I myself tend to agree with this. James Comey isn't fully disclosing the truth and leans more towards the democrat party than being non partisan as he is suppose to be as proved with the Hillary Clinton server scandal. I'm sure James Comey not shutting his mouth and staying out of the media then having shown his constant leaning towards the democrat party is the reason why Donald Trump fired James Comey.

First of all, Donald Trump gave James Comey a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the public within the first few months of the Donald Trump presidency. The Hillary Clinton server scandal was James Comey's downfall and everyone knows it. Most people are under the impression James Comey was "Purchased" by the democrat party.

As for the General Flynn and Russian Collusion issues, only Donald Trump and James Comey know what was truly stated and meant in that private conversation but with all the reporting and testimony my conclusion of what message Donald Trump relaid to James Comey is, "SHUT YOUR FCK'IN MOUTH AND STAY OUT OF THE MEDIA". Remember, James Comey took it upon himself to step into the media with the Hillary Clinton server scandal and he wasn't suppose to do that. James Comey stepped into the media spotlight and this was the job of the Attorney General.

In all the testimony and media reporting, "Not One" politician or media pundit has given word that Donald Trump may have just meant in his private conversation with James Comey to "STAY OUT OF THE MEDIA" with the Flynn and Russian investigations to ease the pressure on the White House. Also note the fact Donald Trump is trying to deal with issues and all this media exposure by James Comey and fake news is making it difficult.

Donald Trump has more on his plate right now than all the drug companies have pills and in all his interviews and statements I see this is and may have been his message to James Comey. Donald Trump and his team may be so entrenched in defense that they missed the point to explain the meaning of the message to James Comey was just, "Shut Your Mouth And Stay Out Of The Media". Makes perfect sense that this is the message. I overlook making correct statements of explainations also so maybe this is it. Or maybe Donald Trump is trying to stir up the "Swap Toads" to find the "leakers" and he just found the one named, "James Comey" and this is the reason why he doesn't rely the true message he sent to James Comey.

The president of the United States does have the authority to tell his cabinet and appointments to "Shut Their Mouths" and stay out of the media. 

James Comey just proved today in his senate testimony 6-8-2017 that he is a proven "Leaker" of classified information. James Comey actually stated he leaked private conversations of the meetings with Donald Trump.

James Comey also testified to congress months ago that Donald Trump never pushed him to drop the Flynn investigation. If  James Comey testifies to the Senate that Donald Trump did tell him to drop the Flynn investigation then James Comey perjured himself and can be charged with perjury.

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