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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"BREAKING REALITY!" The Democrats Knew About Russian Hacking Long Before The 2016 Election Runs Even Started


As The Attempt Is Made By The Unworthy The Clarity Of The Truth Is Made Public

Speculation Written By James Allan | 6-12-2-17

The reality is if 17 government intelligence agencies knew that the Russians were attempting to hack into the voting system then obama knew about it also long before the Russian collusion story was rolled out. There's no, "It Remains To Be Seen" about it. The hacking into U.S. computer networks government and private has been steadily increasing and going on since barack obama was elected into the presidency for two terms because of a massive democrat voter fraud network. It's well known throughout the obama years that "Cyber Security" was seriously neglected.

I'm starting to come to the realization that the democrats are making a big stink about Donald Trump and the Russians to cover up their own negligence in not getting the voting systems secured and to crush Donald Trump to boot. Kill two birds with one stone. 

The democrats must have known that attempts were being made to hack into state voting systems but due to the possibility of the democrat cyber voter fraud system being revealed they did nothing on the state and federal level to reveal the hacking attempts.  

The possible hacking into the U.S. voting systems in each state was well advertised also and downgraded to "Not Serious" because each state has their own separate computer voting system. Now the information is coming out that the Russsians attempted to hack into 39 state computer voting systems and the democrats under obama did nothing to upgrade the election system knowing these attempts were going on.

It was broadcast in news reports that barack obama and the democrats wanted to take the voting systems away from the states and centralize elections under the federal government but we all know that's just another "obamacare" move to put authority of major public systems in the hands of a "Communist Controlled Government".

You may ask why the states did not secure their voting systems better themselves and the only answer I can come up with is securing the voting systems would interfere with the democrat voting fraud that was taking place. A lot of state governments that are controlled by the democrats or even have a strong democrat minority would never let the state voting systems be secured better because of the democrat election fraud that keeps them in power. 

I'm freak'in myself out thinking that there's a "War" going on in cyber space between the democrats and Russians for control of the voting systems in the U.S.. The democrats have a leg up because they can get voting system techs in to alter voting system outputs.

I know for a fact that IP addresses, domain names and hosting servers can be blocked very easily. Even though IP addresses, domain names and hosting servers can be changed easily the new Identities can be tracked easily also and blocked as they are put into play and this is why it's known that attempts were made but constantly failed, which clearly shows that the democrats knew about the Russian attempts long before the primaries even started and didn't want this knowledge to be revealed. Now the democrats are trying to push this ongoing fake "Russian Collusion" story onto Donald Trump to cover up the fact the democrats knew about the Russian hacks long before the elections and to destroy Donald Trump also since it's a story that can be made to sort of fit together with absolutely no proof. 

I may not be on point with this speculation but I'm sure I'm not to far off.    

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