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Monday, June 11, 2018

The National Clinton, Creating A Memory That Is Forever Placed Into Our Thought About Them


To Have A Place In The Sun Or Be Known As The Fumes From Between Our Buns?

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Written By James Allan | 6-8-2018

Now, your asking what the hell is a "National Clinton" or what will it be? The "National Clinton" is anything combined with all things that put the Clinton's mental image in a positive light throughout time. What I can tell you is the left wing communist democrats are calling for it but they haven't said what they will do to create their "National Clinton" image. I can only speculate a few ways as to what a "National Clinton" could be to encompass that thought and feeling of a government we fought so long and hard to get rid of. A memory of such magnitude that's suppose to last forever and a day must be about something that rose to the height of maximum thought and appearance.

Is the "Clinton Communist Foundation" big enough to be the glorified "National Clinton"? WoW you say! Can an entity that was created to be the utters of a cow and squeeze cash out of anyone willing to pay for government secrets and favors be set as a favorable image of the Clinton's? Of course there is a Clinton library that hides the image of his sexual exploits, corruption and the 2008 economic collapse caused by Bill Clinton giving home loans to illegal aliens. Hillary can only be entered as an item of the library that never achieved without the Bill Clinton name.

George Washington has a "National Washington" because he was one of the founders, Lincoln has a "National Lincoln" because he freed the slaves and won the Civil War, Eisenhower has a "National Eisenhower" because he won WWII, Reagan has a "National Reagan" because he fixed the economy after the communist president Carter collapsed it. Seems like the only presidents who have a so called, "National Presidential Feeling" are all Republican.

NO, Franklin Roosevelt was popular and that's the only reason why he's remembered but he didn't do anything to raise himself to have a, "National Roosevelt". Eisenhower and Hap Arnold ran WWII. Actually Roosevelt hired the first actual communist as his Vice President in the latter part of WWII.

John F. Kennedy didn't do anything at all to raise himself up to have a, "National Kennedy". JFK was not even popular and had to manipulate voters with false information to win his first term as president. JFK only became famous because he was assassinated by the communist because he was doing Republican things and he came from a famous family. 

Obama will just be remembered for being "Black" and being black only. Obama was just apart of the democrat communist party controlled by the Clinton's.

Trying to find out what the "National Clinton" will be is like asking for a little butter and Stormy Daniels walks out. You just don't know! When we think of a monument that recognizes a person for eternity we usually think of something like a statue, naming a high school or mounting a plaque. But with this talk of a "National Clinton" the communist democrats have it along the line of putting the faces of the Clinton's on the moon and creating an artificial glowing beam projected onto the earth 24/7 because there is no "National Presidential Feeling" with both of them.

After months of serious investigation these lefties just won't spill the beans as to what this "National Clinton" is going to be that will glorify the Clinton's in a positive national thought throughout time. It's like that joint Russian and Chinese weapon test that was conducted but nobody knows what the weapon is or how much damage it caused if there was a weapon at all. The "National Clinton" right now seems to just be a thought with no direction trying to produce a false positive in the public eye.

My take on the "National Clinton" is they should be remembered for creating the master of snivel, "Judith Miller" and installing her on Fox News. Bill and Hillary Clinton sure shamed the Republican party to no end with the likes of Judith Miller for sure. This shame on the republican party should be remembered forever so it will never happen again.

Myself as a person who looked closely at what image the Clinton's will project through time and space had the idea that we could help them out by putting them on a space craft and hurling them into space so they can enter the timeless memory of being the first Clinton's tossed off the planet for mimicking the activities befitting illegal aliens who were put in charge of a country. This raw image of them being kicked off the planet earth is more suited for the Clinton's than the heroic image they put forth of themselves as they install their poverty ridden communist society.

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