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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Are The Muslims Inside The United States Being Armed By The Democrat Party? The Question That Needs To Be Anwsered


Is The United States About To Go Though Another Civil War With Armed Foreign Terrorists Inside The U.S. Because The Democrat Party Didn't Get What They Wanted?

Written By James Allan | 5-17-2017

I've been talking to various people on FB and other social media and I don't know if this talk has any walk yet about a so called "Leak" from sources inside the democrat party that are saying the "U.S. Democrat Party Is Arming Muslims Inside The United States" as the final democrat "Resist" solution to Donald Trump. Nobody could say who the sources were.

The democrat congresswoman "Tulsi Gabbard" stated 12-10-2016 that the obama administration has been arming ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters through affiliates in the middle east. Fox News even reported on Muslims in the U.S. being armed but nobody has found a link to the democrats as of yet even though some people are claiming leaks from inside the democrat party are saying the democrat party is arming these muslims inside the U.S. for the so called, "Democrat Resist Movement".

This story needs to be investigated fully by our trusted law enforcement. Now that James Comey is not around to cover up for the democrat shenanigans we can get on with the business of cleaning out corruption in the United States. Is there a crime of democrats arming radical groups in the U.S. as they armed Mexican Drug Cartels in the "Fast And Furious" Gun Running Scandal in 2009. 

The present director of the FBI is also a supporter of the democrat party so we will have to see if he takes up this very important investigation into the arming of muslims inside the U.S. as part of the democrat resistance movement.  

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