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List Of Presently Known U.S. Citizens Killed By Illegal Aliens

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If Donald Trump gets robbed of his second term as President Of The United States it's the libertarians inside and outside of the Republican Party that are at fault. Of course the commie democrats are the evil but when John McCain type libertarian republicans want to work with the known communist evil that is the democrat party now all the evil has to do is insert small amounts of communism in each footstep taken with the Republicans and today's ousting of Donald Trump with blatant voter fraud is what we end up with.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Presidential Polling Facts, Truth And A Look At The Rigging In Them To Win


What To Believe From The Voice Of A Person To The Results Of The Taker

Written By James Allan | 8-31-2016

Turnout in presidential elections is the big factor in who wins the presidency. People can reply to a poll question in support of their political party because they are their political parties hardcore cheerleaders and will not vote for an opposition party candidate no matter what but have no problem in just staying home and not voting because they know their political party candidate is bad.

If you compare the "Monthly Poll Results" to the "Difference Between Actual Results And Final Poll" you will see some huge gaps. The polling between the "Final Poll" and the "Election Results" may be "Within The Margin Of Error" but the polling results from June through October have some huge gaps when compared to the final election results which means or can mean heavy "Polling Bias" created by either political party supporters taking the polls. Even if you average the polls together the bias can be seen because the political party supporters that Rig the results more in the most polls can really impact the average to no end. In today's political arena the art of Rigging polls in their political parties favor is a science.
Source: Historical Presidential Polling Results From June Through Final Voting Results 

Everyone knows there's bias in the polling to attract voters to their candidate. Most people like to be on the winning side. Bias in political polling is well established and everyone knows it just like most people know 80% of the political system works against U.S. citizens until they get caught. When the B.S. from politicians know and goes away for a while the B.S. starts up all over again. 

In this 2016 election Donald Trump has the democrats and libertarian republican democrat parties working against him and both political parties are well embedded in the media polls, university polls and other private organization polls. The democrats and libertarian republican democrats will both do anything they need to do to keep Donald Trump from cleaning them out of government so anything goes to stop Donald Trump. It's apparent already both political parties give public speeches and do nothing but lie outright about Donald Trump. They don't care if we know they are lying, "They Just Get In Public And Lie" then they "Lie About Lying" even though the general population knows they are lying. "The democrat and libertarian republican democrats know we know they are lying and they lie anyway".

Out of the 20 presidential elections since 1936 there were;

There were 2 elections where one candidate was down in the polling from 5 to 15 points and ended up winning the presidency. (Harry Truman 1948, Ronald Reagan 1980, 

There were 10 presidential elections where the candidate was up in the beginning and stayed up in the polling over their opponent to win the presidency. (Franklin Roosevelt 1936, Franklin Roosevelt 1940, Franklin Roosevelt 1944, Dwight Eisenhower 1952, Dwight Eisenhower 1956, Lyndon B. Johnson 1964, Richard Nixon 1972, Jimmy Carter 1976, Ronald Reagan 1984, Bill Clinton 1996).

There were 6 elections that were close back and forth (John F. Kennedy 1960, George H.W. Bush 1988, George W. Bush 2000, George W. Bush 2004, Barack Obama 2008, Barack Obama 2012)

There were 2 election where a third party caused a big loss ( Richard Nixon 1968, Bill Clinton 1992)

The two elections that were come from behind wins the 1980 Ronald Reagan comeback had a third party candidate that was drawing off huge amounts of support in the beginning that eventually faded in November that gave Ronald Reagan the win over Jimmy Carter.

Out of the 10 presidential elections where the winning candidate was the polling leader at the beginning and stayed the polling leader throughout the general election 6 were extremely popular in name and acts. Franklin Roosevelt had a well known name and won three terms on his name even though he wasn't a good president and picked a communist as his V.P. in his third term. Dwight Eisenhower was a WWII hero and was easily elected to 2 terms. Ronald Reagan wasn't that popular when he ran for his first term but was hailed when he ran for his second term because he actually did the job for U.S. citizens properly.

The two elections where a third party was a heavy influence on the outcome of the elections drew so much support off one or the other candidate in a big way and U.S. citizens got lucky in one and lost in the other. In the 1968 election the communist party ran their candidate George Wallace and split the vote away from the democrat candidate Hubert Humphrey giving Richard Nixon the win but not by much. In the 1992 election the Reform Party ran Ross Perot and split the republican party vote giving the communist Bill Clinton the win. Bill Clinton was the start of our economic problems now because he gave home loans to illegal aliens through HUD and the economy collapsed in 2008 because of it.
Source: Historical Polling For U.S. Presidential Elections

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