"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Liberal Communist Flag Burning Can Be Solved To Some Extent With A Little Logical Thought


Gettysburg Flag Works Has A Fireproof Coating For U.S.A. Made Flags

Gettysburg Fireproof Coating Link

Written By James Allan | 11-30-2016

I don't know how well creating a law that forces U.S. Flag manufacturers to fire proof their flags produced to the general public but it could be done under the health and safety laws. The cost of a U.S. Flag would go up by 35% but it would put the liberal communists at a disadvantage when it comes to protesting a realistic conservative government that puts U.S. citizens first over their global communism efforts. The lost souls of the mentally disadvantaged communist liberals. I'd pay the 35% extra cost to purchase a fire proof U.S. Flag

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trey Gowdy Re Introduces His 2013 "Safe Act" Illegal Alien Bill As New Tamper Proof Immigration Laws

This bill is Trey Gowdy's old Safe Act he wrote up in 2013. This new version of his old bill takes away the federal governments authority to "Not" enforce immigration laws and hands some authority to local and state governments. The president has less power to dictate politics.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Law Of 1954 Banning Communism In The United States Still Exists But Has Never Been Enforced


The "Communist Control Act" Of 1954 Is Law But Has Never Been Enforced. If It Had Been Enforced The Communist (Progressive) Democrats Wouldn't Be Damaging The U.S. Constitution Right Now

Written By James Allan | 11-26-2016

In 1950 the "Communist Control Act" was introduced as an amendment to the "Internal Security Act" of 1950 to combat the flooding of corrupt labor unions with communist immigrants. It didn't work. The "Red Scare" was in full affect as the communists growth was uncontrollable with the massive amounts of russian immigrants entering the U.S. after WWII fleeing the Joseph Stalin executions of dissadents.

Can The United States Legally Remove And Punish Persons And Groups With Intentions Of Overthrowing The U.S. Constitution Peacefully ?


Supreme Court Trials Have Already Been Done. The U.S. Constitution Allows The Actions Against The Removal And/Or Supression Of The U.S. Constitution By Persons And Groups

Written By James Allan | 11-26-2016

#1 Islam is a law of sharia and sharia is not a religion. Muslim is a religion but as long as they worship under sharia and islam muslim becomes a non religion.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Congratulations To Jimmy Johnson The 7 Time Nascar Champion. Chicago Cubs, Donald Trump And Now Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson, 2016 Nascar 7 Time Champion

The Chicago Cubs win the World Series, Donald Trump wins the presidency and now Jimmy Johnson wins the Nascar championship the 7th time all in 2016? Well, if these all are not your favorite personalities and talents then it looks like I'm all alone on this winning streak that's going on in 2016.

The Hidden Democrat Show Now In The Spotlight That I Myself Want To Watch Closely


They fight to lead the gaggles of crybabies into poverty and struggle

Written By James Allan | 11-22-2016

Who knows what will become of the now fading false image of the democrat party that was portrayed as the savior of the world to the public. They award themselves at the "Kennedy Center Honors" and Barack Obama gives his wealthy supporters the "Presidential Freedoms Awards" without merit of creating cash flow through neighborhoods with an abundance of poverty and crime. Barack Obama and the communist democrats awarding their wealthy supporters as proverty and ghettos grow for helping to create a communist culture that brings more economic despare and educational disadvantages?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

"SHOCKER" Must Read - Back Door U.S. Citizenship Is Being Given To Illegal Aliens In The United States Already


1 Million Illegal Aliens In the U.S. Get Citizenship Already As Another 1 Million Illegal Aliens In The U.S. Already Get Handed Their Permanent Residency Status To Become U.S. Citizens

Written By James Allan | 11-17-2016

This is a shocker I just came across putting this article together. What I am getting from the information I came across is the United States government is being deceptive to the U.S. Citizen population about how many immigrants they are naturalizing each year. The media has been producing a number of 1 million foreigners naturalized each year but the facts go way beyond this number being spoon fed to U.S. Citizens.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Google And Facebook Crack Down On False Media To A Certain Extent


Facebook And Google Crack Down On Fake News Web Sites

Written By James Allan | 11-16-2016

I will admit there are a growing number of political news websites being built just to push a false narrative and steer public thought to their political agenda. I don't have any problem with these fake news web sites being pushed out of social media but the web sites that get pushed off should be listed in a public place so "We The People" can keep tabs on if a political parties news web site is getting shut out unfairly.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bill Clinton Caught Naked Picture With A Woman That Surely Isn't Hillary Clinton


Bill Clinton, The Man With Steel Caught Cooling Off His Hot Steel

Wow, first we get a pic of Billary and her gay lover now we get a pic of Slick Willie in his true form. Bitcoin states that this pic was put on Twitter by an anonymous donor and the rest of the video is on its way. Very questionable.

My question to Bitcoin is, "Why wasn't this material released before the election? The pic does look like it may have been shot through glass but what is suspicious is again, "Why Didn't It Get Released Before The Election?".

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Republican Party Is In The Process Of Transformation. We The "Tea Party" Must Never Let The GOP Go Backwards


A New Republican Party Is Coming Into The Sunlight And We Can't Let It Fail Or Go Back

Written By James Allan | 11-12-2016

The way the republican party was is not the way the republican party is going to advance into the future. The demise of the "Grand Old Party" was in fact the bringing in of libertarians to bring up the vote count over the democrat party back in the 1950's and 1960's. The libertarian party believes business should run the United States and has advanced this agenda and throught throughout their existance. The libertarian party also believes in a "One Political Party" form of government as they side with democrat social stances more than conservative values. We can't let the republican party slide back into the dark as we have fought hard to bring the republican party back into the sunlight.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Congratulations To Donald Trump And The Deplorable Tea Party Supporters For Getting Donald Trump Elected


We worked hard and the presidential race was close but with that extra effort on top of the effort we the non libertarian "Tea Party" prevailed to get Donald Trump elected and the United States back on the pathway to putting U.S. citizens over business, government and immigrants. 

Congratulations To Donald Trump And The Deplorable "Tea Partiers"

Please Visit "Donald Trump White House" Forum

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Donald Trump's Statement About Factory Loss In The United States Is Correct. 70 Thousand Factory's Lost

The chart above comes from the longitudinal database.

Written By James Allan | 11-5-2016

Some democrats are saying 50,000 factory's were lost. The number stapled concerning factory's lost is 70,000. The speculated factory's lost is 90,000 and above. These lost factory's to foreign countries translates into millions upon millions of jobs lost.