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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Private "Code Pink" Communist Woman's Organization "BEWARE"


Code Pink Was Organized And Funded By The Clinton's And Democrats

If your concerned about the power behind Hillary Clinton that drives her then you will be interested in the power Hillary Clinton built for herself that she wants to drive us with.

Hillary Clinton's "Code Pink" Organization Is Most Likely Why Bill Clinton Stated In His Democrat Convention Speech That Hillary Was A Great Organizer And The Best Organizer He's Ever Seen. Bill Clinton Hailed Hillary As If She Was The "God Of Organizing".

Written By James Allan | 7-31-2016

Hey, these women are in Iran and "All" communist countries. The Cuba, Iran and Benghazi problems are from "Code Pink" "True". These women hate capitalism and indoctrinate young women into their ideology of global communism. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Donald Trump "Did Not Mock A Disabled Person" But Instead Mocked A Woman's Reaction Position To Make His Point


Under A Hillary Clinton presidency there will be little national defense dictated by the communist group, "Code Pink" mission statement

Women mock people too and I know best because I've been mocked by plenty of women whom of course took jabs at me through mocking. Donald Trump mocking a disabled person, "NO". Donald Trump using a women's natural reaction position to make his point, "YES". There's nothing wrong with that. 

The democrats just took a past story written by a disabled reporter and saw the opportunity to spin it into an attack on Donald Trump when Donald Trump mocked a woman's natural reaction position to make his point. "This Is Politics" if and when you find a twist you can do and make it work in your favor to elevate yourself above your opponent. This kind of twisting is what won John F. Kennedy the election in Wisconsin back in the 1960's. A phony story was put out that altered peoples thoughts against John F. Kennedy's opponent. 

Hillary Clinton follows the communist woman's group "Code Pink" and their mission statement is "No Military", "Reduced Police" and of course, "Global Communism". 

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Lou Dobbs, Eric Bolling Or Charles Payne? If Rumor Is Correct Who Will Replace Bill O'Reilly?

Bill O'Reilly Drunk On Live Television

4-19-2017 I wrote this article in July of 2016. Everything good takes time :) It was announced today on his show being hosted by Dana Perino that ol Bill O'Reilly wasn't coming back from his said, "Vacation". Bill O'Reilly is permanently "GONE". I was hoping ol Bill was going because his glass is half empty. He's too wrong on big issues where he's never right

This Speculation Written By James Allan | 7-29-2016

There's small talk and rumors floating around social media stating Bill O'Reilly is on his last leg and on the way out. I've always been under the impression that Bill O'Reilly was an old bald tire that blew out long ago with his flat show of bogus inaccurate news reporting that rides on his horrible opinion. Rumor has it that vetting for Bill O'Reilly's replacement is ongoing.

What Donald Trump Really Meant About The Russian Hackers And Hillary Clinton's Deleted Emails


Donald Trump isn't a "Polished Political Speaker" who designs speeches for the purpose of manipulating thought for votes. Donald Trump is used to being around persons that can intrepid what's said correctly and getting the job done even if what Donald Trump states isn't specifically worded well.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bill O'Reilly And Michelle Obama Claim That Slaves Built The White House. Both Are Wrong

Slaves were used but very few and not on the actual construction site where the White House Stands

Written By James Allan | 7-27-2016

Bill O'Reilly is an ass! He made it sound like on his show today 7-27-2016 that slaves did the actual work in part on the construction of the White House when the true fact is the slaves never came near the White House and were miles away. Michelle Obama sounded off at the democrat convention 7-25-2016 that slaves built the complete White House which in fact is a complete lie as much of a manipulative lie as Bill O'Reilly told on his show Wednesday to make everyone believe black slaves did the actual construction work on the White House.

Hillary Clinton, The Proxy President For Bill Clinton And The "Code Pink" Woman's Communist Group

On Another Note: Donald Trump "Did Not" invite any foreign governments to hack any U.S. computer system. Donald Trump you could say has a way with words but in reality he isn't a polished political speaker and relies on people that can intrepid his words properly.

What Donald Trump meant is: "If Any Foreign Government Is Already In Possession of Hillary Clinton's 30,000 emails from a previous hack of her private server it would be great if those emails could be released to the FBI.

The only reason Russia is attacking the United States democrats at this time is the Russians, "Do Not Like The U.S. Democrats New Form Of Communism". The new form of global communism the U.S. democrats are creating will eventually be a problem for russian communism big time.

Written By James Allan | 7-27-2016

Of course children are absolutely important without a doubt. This is why the democrats are so hell bent on indoctrinating them into their way of thought when the children are still in the cradle.

At the 2016 democrat convention Hillary Clinton's husband Bill gave a speech and the said speech was Hillary Clinton's resume. It's up to U.S. Citizens to filter all the non qualified persons out and only vote for persons whom are qualified. Hillary Clinton did get her law degree and worked for at least one law firm where she defended guilty people and got herself into a big ass scandal. But after her small stent at the Rose law firm there's nothing except her advocating for children while Bill Clinton was a state attorney general and governor. Hillary Clinton was only put on boards advocating for children because her husband bill put her on the boards. Hillary Clinton's time in the senate and secretary of state was only because, again, her husband Bill Clinton put the wheels in motion so he himself could get back into the white house through his wife Hillary.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Burning Of The 20 Million Dollar Bill (O'Reilly). The Lie That's Not A Legend Except To Himself

Donald Trump Admitted Bill O'Reilly See's A Psychiatrist Regularly And That Bill O'Reilly Should Make Another Appointment Soon To Sort Out His On Air Irrelevancy.

Written By James Allan | 7-25-2015

Can you believe Bill O'Reilly is getting paid 20 million dollars a year for being a "Half Empty Half Full" glass of blather? Sometimes I listen to Bill O'Reilly and see him move from one of his personalities that seems to be slightly sane to his other personality that's on it's own private space ride. Who in their right mind would dole out that kind of cash to a pompous ass that claims to be a man that is simple but relishes the thought of himself as he looks down at everyone who comes before him and stands before his penis?

The Democrats, "Always Fighting For Things That Create What They Are Fighting Against

The democrat protests just keep getting larger and larger as they fight everything on every front that they themselves created. As the "Tea Party" conservative base rids the republican party of the libertarian business communists that gave the democrats some skin to protest against they are now floating over to fight the real cause of their protests which is, "Themselves". Right now it's Hillary Clinton the democrat protesters have a bone to pick with but if they ever get Bernie Sanders into the presidency and find out that Bernie Sanders will give them more just so Bernie Sanders can take it all back and they end up with the same that they had before they got Bernie Sanders elected the protesters will melt onto themselves as they waddle around in the poverty as they receive their $15.00 an hour paychecks and getting free stuff.

James Allan | 7-25-2016

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Bill O'Reilly Upstaged Laura Ingraham's RNC Convention Speech To Lower Her And Elevate Himself

Laura Ingraham Gets Serious On The RNC Convention Stage

As we try to make the United States great again Bill O'Reilly practices self absorbed media with no concern for others but only for "Making Bill O'Reilly Great Again"

Above Is The C-Span Video Of Laura Ingraham's Speech Bill O'Reilly Upstaged

That really pissed me off to no end when "Bill O'Reilly" upstaged Laura Ingraham after she came onto the convention stage and started her speech then cut her off in the middle just so he could get his face in front of the convention audience and be the "Big Man" tossing around his B.S. with Dennis Miller. When Laura Ingraham was speaking nobody cared about seeing Bill O'Reilly's fck'in mug jabbering about crap that could have waited until another day!

Congratulations To The Many Donald Trump Supporters That Are The "realteaparty"


Many claim the mantle of "Tea Party" but those that do and did not support Donald Trump make up the #nevertrump gaggle of libertarian business communists whom use the name "Tea Party" to fool the ones who are the "Real Tea Party".  The non libertarian "Real Tea Party" refuse to be fooled by the gaggle of the many that claim the mantle but whom are not.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CodePink, The Communist Left Wing Women's Indoctrination Group That Controls Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama

The Slogan On The Woman's Black Shirt Says It All

Written By James Allan | 7-19-2016

I've seen these women at left wing protests but with the many anti U.S citizen hate groups I'm finally getting around to posting my opinion on these global communist women that call themselves, "CodePink". These women are a big part in driving Hillary Clinton's campaign as they preach "Peace" but in reality are creating death by immigrant. 

Discover The Network; CodePink Looked At Link

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton Speaks Against Killing Police But Blames Police Killings On The Police


Choosing A Stale Biscuit Just Means The Recipe For Making A Stale Biscuit Is Saved

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Shooting Of Police Officers By Trained Soldiers Of The Street Ready To Die

The Police Are Viewed As Combatants Once Left Alone But Now Engaged By Street Warriors

Written By James Allan | 7-17-2016

Of course we all know the soldiers of allah train their minds that if they die they will get many virgins in a divine place with many rewards because they pleased allah. But what's not said in media is gang members are trained not in the same sense as muslims but as warriors of the street in battle with elements that are opposite of the gang they are a part of. These opposites include rival gangs and police.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Truth About "Archie Bunker" And The "All In The Family" Characters Created By Norman Lear

The Democrats That Pinned Bigotry And Racism On Republicans.

Researched And Written By James Allan | 7-10-2016

Sure, Archie Bunker was played to be a republican "Conservative". But guess what? The creator of Archie Bunker was Norman Lear the "Liberal Democrat". Yes, Norman Lear was a bonafide liberal democrat that created Archie Bunker and Edith from the way his parents were.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Government Education Funds Diverted To Immigrant School Districts Causing U.S. Citizen School Failures

We March To The Tune Of A Better Education But Immigrants Are Put First

Written By James Allan | 7-6-2016

A Speculative Article That Takes A Look At U.S. Citizen Education Failures And Underfunded School Districts

This article only takes a speculative look at a problem that may be happening because of the democrats who are without a doubt putting racial diversity over the education of all U.S. citizen children as a whole. This situation I'm writing about hasn't been studied with application to the education of U.S. children but has without a doubt been proven with regards to diversification of the immigrant adult population in the U.S..

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The "Never Trump" Crowd? They Are Libertarian Republicans In A Nutshell Cracked Open And Exposed

The "Never Trump" Crowd Is Now The "Republican Democrats" Crowd

Of course the democrats hate Donald Trump and will do anything including violence to stop him. But what's not well known is a portion of the republican party that calls themselves the "Never Trump" crowd is also out to stop Donald Trump by any means even if that means is letting Billary Clinton become our next president. This "Never Trump" crowd is "Libertarian" not to be confused with the democrat liberals. Except for Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee for the most part the other primary candidates running against Donald Trump are libertarian or siding with the libertarians. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich and the rest of the primary field are libertarian republicans that make up the "Never Trump" movement inside the republican party. This article addresses the truth about this "Never Trump" movement that would rather see Billary Clinton get elected to keep Donald Trump from cleaning the libertarian communists out of government.